What the Quack is happening? It’s time for a Hackathon…

By Sara Käld 

We are currently experiencing a crisis which leads to various challenges. Therefore, we need to boost our creativity, bring people together and help solve these problems. You may ask yourself where to start or think that this is easier said than done. Well, not this time. During the upcoming weekend a 48-hour online hackathon named “What the Quack?” will take place. The hackathon is organized to help tackle the challenges we face due to the current outbreak of Covid-19. The event is organized by Springboard, a Hanken School of Economics-based company launchpad, and inspired by our local Hack the Crisis and our southern neighbors from Estonia who are behind the movement Hack the Crisis.

A hackathon is an event where people come together to solve problems – and that is exactly what we will do. This is a call to action to each and every one of you to participate in the fight against Covid-19. The event will take place on Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th of April 2020. No previous hackathon or coding experience is needed, everyone is welcome no matter what experience or background you have. The more diversity we have, the better ideas we will come up with!

As a participant, you may choose to work within one out of four categories;

  1. Save life: How can we help healthcare in these tough times?
  2. Save communities: How do we facilitate the daily life in our society?
  3. Save education: How do we facilitate the progress of education?
  4. Save businesses: How can we help companies adapt to the current situation?

We also encourage everyone who cannot participate in the event to tell us about problems you face due to Covid-19 and to tell us about ideas that could be further developed during the hackathon. This way, our hackers may take inspiration from these in order to come up with solutions that really make a difference. “What the Quack?” is based on the thought that there is a need for a platform, which help ideas and solutions come to life, by bringing different industries and the problems they face together with innovative people who have time and are eager to solve them.

The team behind “What the Quack?” is extremely grateful for the interest already shown for this event, and we want to thank mentors, partners and voluntarily people who give of their time to help us bring this together. It is amazing to see what we can accomplish in a very short amount of time, when communities and people with different expertise join forces. This is exactly what “What the Quack?” is all about; collaboration in order to achieve something extraordinary.

We urge you to register individually or with a team, with our without an idea, at the latest by Friday 3rd of April at 4PM through the webpage https://www.whatthequack.org/register. All participants will be provided a toolkit and mentor sessions in order to come up with the best possible solutions to fight Covid-19, the winners will be announced on Sunday and the best teams will be awarded with prize money. Together we can make life better during and after this pandemic!

Sara Käld is the Co-founder and organizer of What the Quack and Msc student at Hanken School of Economics – always looking for new challenges to solve

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