What’s the difference between UK’s ASDA+Sainsburys+Tesco and Finland’s Kesko+S-Group?

If you like maths then you will love this one…

The planned merger between ASDA and Sainsburys with result in another giant like Tesco, the other dominant force in the UK. Between them, after the merger,  the 2 companies will have a market share of 60% of the retail food market.

In Finland, we are bigger and better, in relative terms! Our 2 retail giants, Kesko+S-Group have an amazing 84% market share!

So the difference can be 24% or nothing at all… Nothing at all. because the Brits are already concerned that the new UK merger with effectively create a duopoly where some MP’s have asked the Competition Authorities about the merger and its impact on competition because, “they were worried about the impact of the merger on the competitiveness of suppliers and on consumer choice in particular locations.” according to media reports.

Naturally, the Finnish Competition Authority would not be worried because we have much more concentration of retail power, such power that gives Finns the best service for consumers and highest food prices in Europe! Yes, we did write that last sentence correctly… 

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