What’s today’s big news in Finland – Last year’s biggest incomes are officially published!

Finland is a country where male people hardly speak. When you are in a bus or train there is complete silence, except for the older deaf person talking on his mobile. Few men and women ever indulge in small talk, and hardly ever act spontaneously…

We are also a nation that scorns show – only a few upstarts own a Tesla.

Privacy here is respected. We do not talk about our private lives or how much money at all. It is a little dangerous because too many of us suffer from envy and inferiority complexes. Who wants to know if my friend or neighbour earns more than I do? That will keep many awake if revealed…

And we have the strictest privacy laws – you cannot keep a list of names, addresses, telephone numbers or other private data without being ripped apart by the Privacy Ombusman…

… and yet every year we get to see who are the biggest payers of income and capital gains tax. This is delivered into the public domain by the government, and the top earners are published by the largest newspaper here as if it is every mans’ right to know – shocking isn’t it?

The bigger your income, the more publicity you receive. This year it was the turn of Supercell’s founders who sold their shares to the Japanese company Softbank. These guys walked off with some €20 million to €74 million for a games company that has become a global name.

The only non-game company individual in the top 10 was an ex-communist banker – that just shows you that having interests in local banks as well as being a present or former communist is a great combination as shown by other examples in North Korea, Russia and China.

Other data – 22 000 people earned more than €150 000, with the highest earner getting €74 million. That is about 0.5% of the total population.

Of that total only around 11% were women and 56% were men – the rest were undetermined, but probably the final result was near 20% and 80%, women and men respectively.

Long live income equality!

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