Who Needs the Olympics When We Have Noora?

Last night Finland’s fastest Ultra Runner Noora Honkala ran the Sparta 12-hour Endurance Race.

She completed the distance that ended today, Sunday 19.2.2023 at 05:00 a.m. with a new Nordic and Finnish record!She improved on her previous women’s 12-hour Nordic record n her own name by completing 146.356 kilometres.

That is a great result for somebody who self-trains with her husband in the Greek mountains where they now live and train.

With a fast initial pace, Noora was attacking the world record for a 100 km run, breaking her own records of 50 kilometres in 3:39h and 100 kilometres in 7:42h.

Unfortunately there were cold winds, severe stomach pains that caused numerous stops forcing Noora to slow down – but that will not hold her back from trying for a new world record in the future. Without those stomach pains and numerous stops, Noora’s condition gave a clear sign of achieving record breaking results.

So who needs the Olympics when we have great sports people like Noora who achieves fantastic times with pure self toughness and great support from Sami Vaskola, he partner, friends and family.

You do not need grey men from the International Olympic Committee with their wonky morals, all dressed in dark suits and silk ties, many of whom are only there for the glory and prestige. Can you believe it that they has the affront to ask the antithesis of sport, like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, for their sponsorship money?!

We don’t need the Olympics, but just good sports people who get out, train and compete in honest and interesting events that we can all enjoy without outrageous ticket prices and long polluting flights.

Here are the world’s best 12-hour results:

  1. Dominika Stelmach (POL) 152.633 km
  2. Camille Herron (USA) 150.400 km
  3. Nele Alder-Baerens (GER) 148.071 km
  4. Miho Nakata (JPN) 147,600 km
  5. Noora Honkala (FIN) 146.356 km

Noora needs to just 7 kilometres more to top the list, which means that her average speed needs to increase from 12.20 km/h to 12.72 km/h! Not impossible for such an athlete!

Photos: Sami Vaskola

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