Why Are Big Politicians Worse Than Nothing

It is strange to see the Putin sitting at the end of a long table to talk to other leaders, including his own foreign minister. Does he really believe that long tables are the best protection against Covid?  He also openly pretends to be a man of peace when he sends more than 100 000 fighting soldiers and huge amounts of military equipment sit on Ukraine’s borders. He is best described as an authoritarian despot at the center of a network of corruption. Like his Chinese counterparts he can live in luxury, while a large part of his population lives in poverty. Putin could use the oil and gas revenues to improve the lot of his people.

The Chinese leadership has wasted billions in the Olympic Winter Games and used it as a political tool to appear popular. That is the reason why many people boycott the games or refuse to watch them on TV. The Chinese leadership has chosen to imprison millions because of their ethnic background, and corruption is rife at all levels of regional and central government. China is facing a double threat of water and energy shortages, with endemic air, water and land pollution. Why waste money on sport that has no intrinsic value for the population of China when there are many other pressing problems?

The British leader is unable to tell the truth when caught with his pants down. Brexit is an economic failure of unprecedented proportions. Why would any European country with a highly educated population give away a huge part of its business activity by closing its borders? Yet Johnson still claims that Brexit is making the UK great again, while it is doing just the opposite. He is also breaking trade contracts that he himself signed a few years ago with the EU. Honesty in public life is equally important inside and outside your own political duck pond! The money lost with Brexit could have been invested in healthcare, education, renewable energy infrastructure and creating new jobs.

The EU too is not far from many of the above tragic errors. We have too much dependence on fossil fuels from Russia. Let’s be clear that is a double risk – we are polluting ourselves while enriching a despot who is threatening world peace! Wake up Germany, wake up EU, and many other countries… and now public broadcasting money is being wasted in the Eurovision Song Contest. The same rubbish is being forced-fed onto our screens like ducks being fattened for foie gras production! Do EU leaders really believe that this is a useful use of our taxes to keep us satisfied and happy? Of course it is not…

… and what are we doing about peace in so many parts of the world too? With all the news about Ukraine, little is being written today about Syria, Ethiopia and many other places where war is rife… 

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