Why are young Finnish entrepreneurs shining examples of honesty, while retired businessmen cheat on taxes in Portugal

In one of your correspondent’s former work places in Sweden, two of the bosses disappeared off to Portugal to receive their annual Skr 5 million pensions tax-free when they both retired “at the grand old age” 60 years!

There is one huge moral question here – they and their children received a free education, healthcare and many other basic services in Sweden, and now the cheats went off to avoid paying income tax on hugely generous pensions that ordinary folk cannot even dream of doing.

I am sure that Mr. Trump would tweet that this was a “Great, Great Deal” for them, but the opposite is true and is a really serious error of judgement. They should know better.

In Finland, as readers will know, the Tax Authorities have now published the 2016 annual income tax list.

At the top of the list are a group of fine young men who have sold their interests in SuperCell the successful gaming application.

These fine young men paid their taxes without moving their money to Junkerland, or to any other tax free location. They are to be cheered for their honesty and loyalty to the country. They still have more than enough to enjoy the fruits of their work for several lifetimes!

On the same day it was discovered that a small group of retired CEO’s from Finland’s largest retail company, Kesko, from the tyre company, Nokia Tyres, and from a big Finnish steel company Rautaruukki, have all moved off-shore to Portugal with huge pensions and are hiding there, or elsewhere, and have succeeded in avoiding paying any or very little taxes in Finland, where they have been educated, along with the off-spring, where they have benefited from free healthcare and many other great basic services during the 60-odd years they have lived here.

This story tells you a lot about how these wealthy older folk have turned their backs on the country that have given them all these opportunities to enrich themselves.

In a way their behaviour is similar to robbing a bank, because taken to its logical conclusion, if every pensioned worker did the same, and stopped paying taxes on pensions by leaving Finland and moving to Portugal, then Finland would suffer a big economic crisis, leaving younger folk in a hopeless situation.

It is worth noting that each of these men were invited regularly with their wives by the President to Finland’s exclusive Independence Day celebrations at the President’s Palace in Helsinki! Nice people…

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