Why Brexit cannot happen in the Nordics

Brexit happens in the UK because it is a class society where there are two big groups like the US led by those who have little real contact with their supporters.

The Conservatives are run by a very small group of the very rich and the rich who enjoy tax breaks, high living standards, that includes the best private and public healthcare, then best schools and universities, and nice housing areas. Their companies thrive on big domestic and foreign markets. They are joined by the middle class who, like Mr. & Ms. Primrose, think that Queen and Great Britain are wonderful and that the Labour Party is for coal miners and the unemployed. These people make do with poor healthcare, pubs, public school, crowded trains and buses and relative low incomes and small pensions. They are hardworking, thrifty, honest folk who read the Daily Mail and other newspapers controlled by Trumps’ Australian friend called Rupert Murdoch.

These newspapers sell on crime, sex, diets and horoscopes with”business news” mostly concentrating on paid-for articles by big banks, investment and pension companies who want to sell expensive products.

These Conservative party leaders, May, Mog-Rees, Johnson or whatever other MP or Lord,  just see that their political power is diluted by the EU – they want to regain their hold on “Affairs of State”. They did not represent business, banks or manufacturer’s – they see these people as “the shopkeepers of Britain.” The voters may get an education, but the leaders will make sure that their children will have the best opportunities at school and university and they will make sure that they also get the best jobs…

The Labour Party is said to represent the workers, men and women who receive the lowest wages, have a long way to the factory or shop; who cannot afford healthy food; who live in poorly built houses; who go to school until they are 15 or 16 years old and leave to face unemployment or some hard job. Holidays are on a Blackpool’s sandy beach with beer and chips…

Their political leadership has normally been held by folk who are several steps away from their voters. These are the union leaders, or the well-off educated men and women who have seen that there is an opportunity to become an MP or Minister, like Tony Blair or George Brown, and Robert Maxwell. They are probably sincere in their beliefs for helping workers but only this is nice when they can do it from a position of power. The gap between the politicians and the people is huge and has never been in synch, even more so than today. Corbyn, the current head of the Labour Party, has a view of the world that is moulded by years of trade union activity far away from the reality of everyday drudgery. Inside or outside the EU, in his opinion, it is the same so long as he has his position. He sees that the EU is there for big business, and as a drain on his influence. Education and healthcare are not that important because his voters do not care too much about things like that. 

The Nordic system is not based on these values – we believe in having equal opportunities in education and we also have a media that keeps us informed. The system is still self perpetuating and based on that strong consensus. It even allows us to have different opinions on many other topics and this feeds open debate.

The Nordic people, for the most part, understand that global markets are global and that we must export goods that can stand the competitive pressures of global competition. We have to be smarter, better educated and produce and sell what people need without protectionism, without guns, without despotic leaders abusing our own voters.

This big consensus will not be diluted in Finland and Sweden, Norway or Denmark, because education and knowledge shared by many are the key to a good thriving society.

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