Why do Mad Old Men Flourish? – A Finnish Perspective

It is truly amazing that a troop of Mad Old Men can sit at the top of the table even when their opinions are miles away from simple well-known truths.

Every well-educated child and adult with access to the news from the state and private media broadcasters of the Western nations know that Russia has launched a brutal attack of Ukraine.

They also know that Climate Change is happening as glaciers have melted and severe heat, flooding and droughts, that has not been recorded for hundreds of years are now causing disasters for million so people in many different parts of the world. They also know that governments should not dump the Rule of Law or the Democratic process. They also know that governments should not threaten ordinary people with violence, torture or death if they oppose the government.

Yet what do Putin, Lavrov & Co., the  Russian leaders do?

They brazenly tell lies and deny that they have not started a brutal war against an independent sovereign country called Ukraine. 

Both men talk openly about using nuclear bombs – something that only a totally deranged person would threaten. We all know that these weapons would destroy our world…

Even worse is that the head of the World Bank – this Earth’s main development bank – is lead by an old man called David Malpass, who the former Vice President Al Gore remarked this week that President Biden should work for the removal of David Malpass because he is a “climate denier”.

David Malpass was appointed by another old man called Trump, the former president of the United States who said he respected strong men like Putin, Kim, Xi, etc, etc – all fine outstanding tinpot despots…

Trump himself keeps on denying that he lost the election in 2020 even though he did and cannot produce a scrap of evidence to support his claim. He is a sad, seriously deranged old man who still represents a serious threat to us all if he gets re-elected.

Then even closer to home we have a few European leaders who have rubbished the democratic process as we understand it in our European countries. Freedom of speech, corruption, the imprisonment of opposition members, the removal of the Rule of Law – all of these are clearly seen by any well-educated child and adult with access to the news from the state and private media broadcasters of the Western nations.

Ordinary people cannot directly get rid of this dangerous mad old men.

Putin, Xi and Kim have huge armies of soldiers and police to stamp out any opposition and equally huge piles of stolen cash to sit in heavily protected luxurious palaces that give no access to ordinary folk. 

David Malpass has a contract at the World Bank that protects him from being kicked out until April 2024. Until then we have to watch our tax money being wasted on a mad old man who has no idea what he should be doing. Even though we are facing so many extra challenges there is no excuse for this man to sit in this job.

Yet they manage to cause death and inflict misery on millions by their actions and their inaction to recognize that ordinary people from Europe to Africa, through the Americas, North and South, from China, India, and Asia, from the whole globe just want to have enough food, equality, and security to get on with their lives and with their jobs without wars and the threat of violence from the state.

People want clean air, clean water, clean land and clean government – what is that so hard for this Mad Old Men to accept?

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