Why Do We Have Much Slower Death Rates?

The media continues to fill the airwaves and newspapers with overwhelming doses of data and details about the Virus.

Most of it is not news but trivial stories about this and that – they lack perspective and factual data. Yes, this is a serious pandemic without any known cure yet, however the numbers of deaths are a small 2,7% fraction of normal deaths occurring each year, natural or otherwise, well below the death rate for the 5 most common causes of death.

Apart from Japan and the USA the death rates from the Virus has slowed down… but the big question is why?

In terms of death rates per 100 000 of the population Belgium is clearly doing a very bad job, followed at some distance by Italy, Spain and the UK, where Johnson’s much respected NHS appears to be failing to face up to the challenge.

Lockdown has been in place for a good month and, in some places, months – enough time for infections to slow down. Could that be the simple reason for the slow down in death rates?

Only time will tell but keep your eyes on the huge differences in deaths per 100 000 of the populations. This is one of the best numbers to follow because it exposes the good and the bad.

Death is also immutable but a reliable number to follow… once you are dead there is not much more you can do about it and most of the selected countries on this list are fairly honest about reported numbers. Even if there is some policy differences, the same criteria are probably being adhered to over time.


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