Why Does Putin Want to “Conquer” Ruins?

It is important to ask the following questions after 100 days of brutal killing and bombing by the Putin’s army in Ukraine, and look at the consequences of this madness? 

  1. What is Putin doing in Ukraine?
  2. Why is Putin ordering the killing and raping of men, women and children in Ukraine?

It is already clear that he has squandered billions of Euros by sending a disorganised army to destroy a neighbouring country.

After 100 days of war in Ukraine his soldiers have killed and raped thousands of men, women and children.

Tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have been killed for no good reason.

Putin claims to have “conquered” cities, towns and villages in Ukraine that have ben reduced to rubble. 

What is the point of an invasion if the spoils of war are destroyed?

Ukrainian cities, towns and villages are in ruins, and 8 million Ukrainians have fled his brutal attack to safe countries where they can be fed and cared for.

Putin is causing food shortages in Russia, and everywhere else around the world.

He making his population poorer without any possible financial gains.

He is wasting huge sums of money on tanks, war planes, bombs and other weapons that the brave Ukrainian army have easily destroyed because the Russian army is incompetent.

When the war started most Russians thought and believed that Russia was taking over a small Russian conclave in Ukraine that the local population supported. Now most Russian must now know that they were misled by Putin’s lies.

Most Russians now must know the truth that this not a justified war, whatever that means, but a cruel and brutal attack on Ukraine without any good reason. 

We know that the Russian army has committed serious war crimes and we know that several hundred thousands of Ukrainian civilians have been forced to move to concentration camps in Russia against their will.

The whole world can see that Putin just wants to destroy Ukraine without any rational reason – only demented gangster would commit such crimes. 

Now the crimes are so serious and so widespread that ordinary Russians must now be held responsible for stopping this man from more war crimes.

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