Why does the EU interfere with our time?

The EU Parliament, Juncker & Tusk have again been showing how useless they are – it is no wonder that the Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl calls the European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker a “cynic of power”, “rowdy” and “arrogant”, who “behaves as a Brussels Caesar, who has made it his goal to break agreements, if it seems useful.” 

For some unexplained reason they have taken control of our clocks and watches and individual countries can no longer set their own time. 

Any “reforms” in this matter require the full consensus of every EU member state to change summer and winter time.

If you live in Finland, you will have suffered the useless time wasting work of having to move every digital and mechanical clock one hour forward or one hour backwards twice a year.

We have clocks on everything now – on the oven, on the microwave, on the TV, on the radio, on the stereo on not so smart watches and telephones, at home at the office, in gyms and schools, etc, etc.

Back in the old days all this happened because farmers thought it was necessary to get up when it was light to milk the cows! I cannot recall anybody else demanding this and so it was decided to start to change the time twice a year.

The biggest drawback for Finns has been that we close down between 16.00 and 17.00 just when the rest of Europe has just finished a longer late lunch and when the US has just finished their first breakfast meetings. We have missed plenty of useful hours when we could be exporting more to Europe and the USA.

Why and how the EU hijacked our clocks was never revealed to the member states. They just took over and now we have a huge amount of time (yes, our time) and money being wasted by these people who need to “consider” something that should never have been theirs in the first place. Their statement that this would harm the working off the internal market are as far-fetched as the demand for farmers for the protection of their beloved milking cows.

Private companies and civil servants can always plan their daily routines with one another across the world without the extra hassle of 500 million people changing the time on their watches twice a year…

Let’s reform the EU… 

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