Why Should We Pay for Finding Workers?

The big Finnish corporate lobbyists and the banks are demanding that the government should invest in more employment measures to help the unemployed find jobs. The same groups are complaining that they cannot find workers for the offices, factories and restaurants even though they are all reporting excellent results and paying their bosses generous bonuses.

The latest GDP growth figures for Finland are a record 4% and the pump is well primed.

Hello! Why should taxpayers be on the hook to help these same companies find workers? 

The central bank here in Finland has been buying corporate bonds and financing banks with huge amounts of taxpayer cash. Yes, that money printed by the Bank of Finland is our money not theirs… and the Finnish government has spent billions to help companies weather the Covid storm. This cash has seen that the banks have almost no credit losses but a thriving business model supported by the taxpayers! We, the taxpayers, should b receiving bank shares in return for this generosity.

… and now these same people are claiming that the government debt is too large… and they continue to pay massive dividends and bonuses at the same time.

Why should the government be paying out cash to help companies find workers? Naturally it would be nice to get free money to help the companies and banks print even more profits.

I too would very much like to get help with buying a new bigger house with cash from the government. I would like to buy a new Tesla for myself and my wife if the government graciously gave me the cash…

No… the companies should be held responsible for finding and training workers they need. The bosses should not be taking the those bonuses but that cash should be used to find and train workers.

I am not a flaming socialist. but the Confederation of Finnish Industry, EK, and the banks are looking more communist by the hour…

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