“Women are inexperienced workers – they do not deserve the same management or board positions as men…”

The above is never voiced by male bosses or by the few female bosses who hold senior positions in company management and in company boards – but that is probably what they think because the facts are clear – see below…

Only some 35% of board positions are held by women in Finnish Stock Exchange companies. although this is an improvement over earlier years, a cursory examination of the boards will reveal that the true number is smaller because there are a number of women who have up to 4 positions, an a number of others who are also major owners of the companies.

The men have 65% of the remaining board positions which is almost twice the number of women!

Let’s look at senior management – there the numbers are much worse with women holding just around 20% in large companies…

…and then take a look at the biggest tax payers, to those people with the largest incomes. You will find the same percentage lives on!

Of the 22 000 Finnish people who earned more than €150 000 in 2016, only around 20% were women and the remaining 80% were men.

This huge difference is a complete mystery – it can only mean that women are just simply not up to the job in men’s opinion, since they are in the majority at all levels in companies – which, of course, is complete nonsense.

There can be no question that 2 things are needed to correct this:

  1. Care of the very young children needs to be shared more equally by fathers and mothers – they should have the right to chose who has paternity or maternity leave, and perhaps the periods should be shortened, to avoid the inevitable “sorry, we could not wait that long, and had to replace you” or “sorry, we have developed new systems here and we cannot offer you the same seniority as before”.
  2. Women and men should be mixed in all publicly quoted stock exchange companies with the 40%/60% rule. This means that men and women can hold board positions that result in no less than 40% men or women, and no more than 60% men or women. Many more women need to be seen at the top of companies more often, and not the same ones who repeatedly spread themselves thinly with existing boards.

The number speak for themselves that needed change is too slow in coming.

Gender diversity is a valuable asset for all companies, not just for ordinary households.

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