You Don’t Spread Covid-19 if You Have It

Trump is wrong to play down the risks of Covid-19. It is a dangerous virus that kills people and there are no signs that an effective mass vaccination program  will be here any time soon. Over 215 000 Americans have died, that is 65 out of each 100 000 people. Finland has only 5 deaths out to each 100 000 of the population, and we do not have the US’s unlimited resources and political power.

Trump’s flagrant denial to be careful about infecting others is criminal – how many people dare tell this bully to stay put. Doctors, his rich supporters, his helpers are all depending on him to be the great provider. It must be fun for a bully to get people to lick your shoes in return for financial favours. With a big enough army of rich supporters, white armed nationalists on the streets, and the world’s most powerful policing and security force any leader can feel impregnable. We generally call them despots and dictators but that name seems to used sparingly for a president of a country that once claimed to be a democratic stronghold. 

Your correspondent lived for almost 4 years in Singapore. The then Prime Minister was always at pains to emphasis that higher living standards can only come at the cost of hard work, education social cohesion and trust. He pointed out quite correctly that democracy takes years to be built but it can be destroyed in seconds. Four years with Trump can only emphasis how true that statement is…

Some may say that Singapore is not a true democracy, but looking around at their neighbours and  at their very short history, there can be little doubt that democracy there has a meaningful existence for the general population, even though there are clear differences in values between Singapore and many EU countries. People live well and they live by the rule of law,

In any case democracy in the EU is a word that has become devalued. The EU cannot agree on imposing the rule of law on Poland and Hungary because a few small countries are holding necessary “tough-love” decisions to ransom. EU’s richer countries are quite right to demand that these two countries put their house in order or stop receiving EU funding from them.

Covid-19 needs an inclusive EU response… it really needs a global response but WHO has been weakened by Trump and other short-sighted politicians. But Covid-19 is just a virus that ill soon see a vaccination – there are many other bigger challenges for mankind like the devaluation of democracy and Climate Change; and these two are so strong intertwined…

Photo: From Pixabay by Christo Anestev  Burgas/Bulgaria

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