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Welcome to the forumNordic Newsletter

Welcome to the forumNordic Newsletter, where we delve into the heart of Nordic innovation and collaboration. Each edition is crafted to bring you closer to the cutting-edge developments that

Beware of Nobel Winning Professor Prophets

This week we read the following in one of the big newspapers: “Professor Robert Shiller, the Nobel laureate, says valuations adjusted for high inflation suggest stock returns for the

Politics: Trust is a Two Way Street

When Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon, some 50 years ago. He had to trust Houston and Houston had the trust him, otherwise they would have been no Moon

Strong Ratings from NATO Nordics

Fitch Ratings, like the other main rating agencies S&P and Moody’s all give the same ratings to the four Nordic  countries – here is a snapshot from  Fitch Ratings:

Politics: Finnish Strikes & Bone-Head Government

Finland has had coalition governments for decades which have been led by right-wing political parties. These politicians have always been careful and respectful in their relations with the trade

Five Reasons to Not Get Old

Finland’s healthcare system is being pushed to the ground by a rightwing government that wants to outsource doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers to the private sector for bigger

A Terrible Show of Western Weakness

The meeting between Trump and Orban in Florida is the continuance of the nightmarish theatre  being performed on the open stage in front of our eyes. Trump says that

RELEX – This is Really How to Export!

Every one of us has a different experience of shopping for groceries and other daily needs. The complexity of dealing with our vagaries is something that shops must deal

A Tottering Government in Helsinki?

Two large right wing parties reign over Parliament with a slim majority provided with the support from two tiny parties the Christian Democrats and the Swedish Peoples Party. The

Politics This Week – Dead End Finland?

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare There are plenty of people who believe that having less and living a life

Finnish Politics – Voting & Prejudices

The last couple of weeks have seen two elections that have given surprising results, but the surprises are not about the winners, but more about the ones who did

Volta Greentech Cleans the Air!

Readers will see in our report presented to the Danish government on how greenhouse emissions from Denmark’s agricultural production can be reduced by the introduction of a carbon tax.

It’s Really Important to Reduce Methane

A ruminant animal refers to a large group of herbivores with a four-chambered stomach that digest their food without thoroughly chewing it. Ruminant animals include cows, sheep, goats, moose,

Finland Glows Bright

By Christer Granlycke Embracing Innovation and Sustainability In the heart of the Nordic region, Finland stands as a beacon of progress, continuously pushing boundaries and embracing innovation in all

Revolutionerande Framsteg Inom Kvantteknologi

Av Christer Granlycke English abstract available here on this link I den ständigt framåtskridande världen av kvantteknologi har forskare vid Lunds universitet banat väg för banbrytande framsteg genom att

Systematic Danish support for Ukraine

Denmark, along with other Nordic countries, is doing a fine job supporting Ukraine which put our American friends to shame. Two years ago, Russia launched its brutal, illegal and

A Culinary Spectacle

By Christer Granlycke The IKA/Culinary Olympics, the oldest, largest, and most diverse international culinary arts competition in the world, recently concluded its 26th edition in Stuttgart, Germany. This event,

The Future – Black Swans & Boiled Frogs

”Black swan, boiled frog syndrome. Familiar metaphors when we talk about phenomena such as wars, climate change and pandemics. But instead of surprising us, they could almost always be

Yiannis Part 1 – The Fastest Long-Lasting Legs

The Beginning This remarkable story begins in a small village outside Tripoli, in Greece. It was then no more than a scattered and isolated hard-working farming community, a community that

Yiannis – Part 3 – The Ghost & Beyond

By Sami Vaskola.  There was the “ghost”, an undeniable crown for ultras, that the whole global running community believed that 300km in 24hours is an impossible peak to conquer.

New Danish Global Powerhouse

By Christer Granlycke Innovating Sustainability: In the realm of sustainable solutions, two pioneering companies stand out for their commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship: Novozymes and Novonesis. These industry

Unveiling the Future of Artificial Intelligence

By Christer Granlycke Insights from the AI-Powered Solutions for Public Services Program In the era of rapid technological advancement, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront, revolutionizing various aspects

Livscykelperspektiv För Ett Hållbart Samhälle

Av Christer Granlycke I dagens samhälle, där hållbarhet är en alltmer central fråga, är det viktigt att titta på produkters och tjänsters livscykel för att förstå deras verkliga påverkan

Ammonia as a Shipping Fuel is Risky

The use of ammonia as a ship fuel can contribute to eutrophication (increases in harmful levels of phosphorous) and acidification, due to ammonia leakage and emissions of nitrogen oxides.

Are They Real Presidential Candidates?

Finland’s Presidential Race is now a race to the finishing line between two candidates Stubb and Haavisto. Stubb received 27.2% of the votes and Haavisto received 25.8%, putting them

Finnish Pension Companies – Deserved Criticism

Some 20 and 30 years ago, your correspondent published various articles in several of Finland’s national media about the unnecessary high costs and poor investment policies of the Finnish

Helsinki’s Private Parking Mafia!

Readers will know that Finland has a love of natural monopolies and its little sister oligopolies – the latter two have another word that describes them “cartel cheats”! On

Clean Cosmetics from Finnish Bark

Sustainability is a crucial demand from consumers, especially among young generations. This statement is especially true for cosmetics with a history of negative publicity related to animal testing and

Waterproof Wood-based WCs, Sinks, & Bathtubs!

Success does not come easy if you want to disrupt the traditional market that almost exclusively has installed porcelain toilets, sinks and bathtubs market more than the last 100

Presidential Makeovers are Dangerous

When you go to a family wedding, your mother and sisters will look very different and a little strange with too much make-up, funny hairstyles, silly hats, and awful

Inhumane Treatment of our Weakest Pensioners

This troubling article illustrates what is happening with care of those elderly patients who are not able to care for themselves. This solution, with few positive exceptions, borders on

Helsinki – Bonkers Politics!

Did you know that over 20 new hotels have been opened in central Helsinki this last two decades, and most of them have around 40% empty rooms, and more

Packaging – Plastic Out, Wood Fibre In!

Three big Finnish groups, Valmet, Metsä Spring, and VTT, have come together to develop novel 3D fibre products that have the potential to replace traditional plastics, especially in single-use

It’s Obvious Why New Finnish Homes are Shoddy

Several articles have been published recently on how foreign construction workers have been employed through third-party companies using contracts that are far from what is acceptable or even legal

Finnish Companies Innovate With Plant Proteins

VTT and Finnish food industry join forces for development of new plant protein value chains, boosted by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Cost-efficient and high-quality plant-based food ingredients generate

Money Makes The World…

By Axel Fox In the famous tune of… It was in the year 1960 that the phrase “Money makes the world go round” was first used in the Cabaret

Sorry – It’s a Sad & Murderous Christmas

Your correspondent cannot write anything good about this Christmas because there are just too many bad things happening around us from political leaders at home and abroad… … and

Finnish Banks Crush Competition

For the last 15 years, at least, the biggest Finnish banks have stifled competition with help from the government that has strangely always claimed that they believe in open

Time to Inspect Orban’s Accounts

The international media has been writing and talking about corruption at the highest levels in Hungry for many years. Transparency International reported in 2022 that Hungary was seen as

Ukrainians in Norway – Finding Jobs Quickly

Half of Ukrainian refugees go straight into work after participating in a Norwegian introduction programme. Karolina Tsymbala is one of the approximately 16.000 Ukrainians who are currently taking part

Different Scenarios of War!

Företagsledare, politiker, generaler; de flesta använder sig av skisserade möjliga framtida händelseutvecklingar baserade på bland annat historiska fakta och analyser av nutiden för att skapa en eller flera färdplaner

Electric Man – Episode 2

By Our Swedish Correspondent. In July EU published the “European Green Deal” and one section described the future for road transport to complement emissions trading. Stronger CO2 emissions standards for

Electric Man – Episode 1

 By Our Swedish Correspondent The Nordic power system is a mixture of generation sources, where hydro, nuclear and wind power are the main sources. The Nordic region has many

We’re Out of Juice!

By Our Anxious Swedish Correspondent and published here in Finnish News two years ago ! “This price shock cannot be underestimated,” EU energy commissioner Kadri Simson told MEPs during

Finnish Politics This Week – Carelessness

The True Finns have at last received their shining black Mercedes and BMW ministerial cars, as well as some powerful ministerial jobs. They have joined the Conservatives to form

Trust… There is too little around!

Finnish voters will tell foreign readers that the present government here made two big election promises – they would reduce the public debt, and that they are there for

Why Should He Get More Pay or Less Pay?

The big and powerful employers union, Confederation of Finnish industries, (EK for short), has made the following statement in the media this week: ”Salaries in the public sector cannot

They Lost Some €6 billion But Continued…

Here is an interesting story of corporate mismanagement on one of Finland’s largest companies called Fortum. This is a Finnish energy utility (power heat and transmission), whose majority owner

UK Down the Brexit Drain

Your correspondent has just spent a week in the UK with family and friends. Most of the time was spent in Brighton, a small city, full of students and

Corona & Cheese Slicers

Finland like many other countries is already seeing a wave of the Corona virus with a rapid increase in infections has been noted for the last 6 weeks and

Wonderful Opera and Ballet in Helsinki

Messa da Requiem by Verdi is being presented in Helsinki with the Zurich Ballet and Finland’s National Opera and Ballet. The German choreographer Christian Spuck has worked wonders with

Did Finland’s Former PM do a Runner?

During the last 30 years four political parties have each enjoyed around 20% shares of the votes with occasional lapses down to around 10%. Two other parties manage to

The Free World is Horrified at This!

It is interesting to watch the muted reaction of Nordic leaders to the meeting between Mr. Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, and Putin. The meeting with the leader

Fossil Leaders Prefer Fossil Fuels

What has this world come to? We have the leaders of the free world who are all supporting Israel that has been deliberately pushing the people of Palestine to the

Time to Eject Russia from UN Security Council

Putin and his gang of thugs are repeating the same atrocities in Ukraine that he ordered in Syria. Targeting villages, hospitals and schools with lethal missiles that kill innocent

How Bike Start-Up Disrupted Car Addiction

GoByBike Finland Ltd. is no ordinary start-up – it has been a great success in changing attitudes to biking in this country – where most working people use public

Finland is Perfect Market for Doctors

Everyone is complaining here that it takes too long to see your doctor in your public healthcare center. You normally wait for two weeks, at least, before they find

Spartathlonn 2023 – A Women’s Thriller

The 2023 Spartathlon turned into an all-time women’s series thriller that started at dawn on Saturday morning on the last day of September. Many of the best ultra runners

VTT, Nokia & Sandvik Autonomous Mining 5G+AI

Underground mines are challenging environments for safe operation of autonomous machines, but next generation digital solutions could change that. A joint R&D project coordinated by VTT shows the potential

Reality Check – Private Sector Fallacies

Some right-wing financial folk in Finland (That’s right, it was Mr. Wahlroos again!) have recently said that governments are a poor owner of companies, meaning, implicitly, that the private

Finnish Care Homes – Dumpsters For Elderly

An over-80 close friend’s mother (let’s call her Emma) who suffers from dementia was suddenly left without the support of her husband when he collapsed and was sent immediately

Go Digital Young Man… the Kiss of Death!

Your correspondent had to move to a new house just 30 km from Helsinki and install an optic fiber internet connection, receive new credit cards because he thought that

Finnish Politics – Nonsense This Week!

As Elvis sang in Wooden Heart: “Treat me nice, treat me good Treat me like you really should… … Please don’t break my heart in two…” Voters should be

Helsinki In Middle of Unethical Behaviour!

The City of Helsinki owns a company called HEKA that builds and rents out thousands of apartments in Helsinki to ordinary working folk and pensioners who choose to rent

High Speed Trains Need Commuters

The new Finnish ministers are not good at maths – it is clear that they do not have a clue about balancing budgets. The first thing their former colleagues

Presidents for Sale… Roll Up, Roll Up!

Finnish politics has turned rather sour with the election for President which will take place next year. The list of candidates is splattered with “Have-Beens” and a few political

Politicians Seek to Kill Finland’s Equality

Finland has always benefited hugely from the concept of equality: One man and one woman have one vote each at elections. Our political leaders are normally honest upright people.

Finnish Politics This Week – New Clangers

Two ministers from the 20% Conservative Party have made public comments that even surprise any thinking person as being completely bonkers… The first comment was something like the following:

Bigotry Hijacks Finnish Parliament

Now and then you may have heard people saying, “If you are not qualified to get the sort of job you think you deserve, then you can always be

Due Diligence was Ignored by Finland’s Prime Minister

Every professional investor and every professional financial analyst always perform Due Diligence thoroughly when making or recommending important investments or employing key staff. A Due Diligence process normally involves

Finland Used to be a Nice Place…

We were lucky to have had a group of reasonable leaders from well-mixed coalitions in this country, but that was before… Now, after the recent elections in April, we

Central Bankers on Inflammatory Drugs

Central bankers are guilty of GroupThink, meaning that they don’t think for themselves, but just follow the others like sheep. When we came out of Covid, they were throwing

Finland’s Prime Minister Dives into Mud!

The newly appointed PM here in Helsinki, Mr. Orpo, could not be more different from his predecessor, Sana Marin. She was always clear and thorough in her opinions and

One-Hour Train Scandal for 220km Trip

Our new PM has just announced a new pet project as part of a government policy bible that  promises to deliver a €6 billion saving in public services. The

Death Toll from Climate Change for Dummies

Many people in Finland and elsewhere claim that Climate Change is costing too much. In Finland, they claim that we have already done more than others to reduce greenhouse

Why Finland Should Fight Climate Change

This is a longish article on an important topic about why Finland and other Nordic countries should remain at the forefront of green technologies. The USA and the big

The True Finns Take off Their Masks

President Niinistö hit the nail on the head when he spoke of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine by saying: “Putin’s mask comes off, showing “cold face of war” Now

You may not be saved by Noah’s Ark

What do we really want from politics and politicians? Most of us think about having a reasonable cost of living that we can have from our jobs, and later

Fortum Bosses Rightly Denied a Fortune

Readers will recall that Fortum, the biggest energy company in Finland, made a series of disastrous decisions to invest in Russian fossil fuels after Crimea was invaded. They made

Central Bank Monkey Business

The best classical quote this week before the Credit Suisse crash, came again from the president of Finland’s Central bank who is not known for being very sharp. He

Finnish Taxation is Relatively Reasonable

We have an election coming so right-wing politicians, with a little help from their media friends at the main newspapers, are trying hard to tell Finns that taxation here

A Teatime Story from Hainan, China

Two couples happened to meet in a crowded posh tearoom (in Chinese this is called a “chaguan” and written 茶馆). The tearoom is to be found in one of

(Un-) True Finns and their Cruel Bigotry

When any political party starts to talk about limiting immigration or keeping foreigners away from “our children”, you should see red flags. When political parties start to talk about

Who Needs the Olympics When We Have Noora?

Last night Finland’s fastest Ultra Runner Noora Honkala ran the Sparta 12-hour Endurance Race. She completed the distance that ended today, Sunday 19.2.2023 at 05:00 a.m. with a new

Cardboard Packages = Fossil Fuels

Yesterday 200 grams of coffee arrived at a Post Office Box for collection by your correspondent’s wife. The plastic envelope was wrapped in a cardboard box three times its

Killing Your Children Slowly…

It is quite probable that most readers would accuse your correspondent of exaggerating, but he  lives in an apartment where a huge MacDonald’s “M” logo flashes bright yellow and

Watch Out for the Wounded Bear

Can you imagine why any country’s leader of a European country would send over 200 000 of his young men to their deaths or to be injured badly just because

Putin is the New Nazi Now

It is a confusing for us Europeans to see that Germany is not delivering tanks to Ukraine. There are no good reasons to hold back to send the necessary

Citibank Hits Bottom Again!

When a former Finnish banker gets to join a big American bank’s board we get the impression from the Finnish media that we should be jumping for joy here

Trouble does not come in threes…

Most readers will understand the following three sayings, which should most certainly be understood to teach us an important lesson: “Bad news come in threes”, “When it rains it

Wanted Person:

This Russian man, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, is wanted for the following war crimes in Ukraine, a sovereign state where his has ordered a brutal invasion by his armies: Bombing

The Euro Is an Interesting Deal…

Twenty years ago we received the Euro coins and notes as our new European currency. We were told that it will be good for us because each of the

A Letter from Bloom to Finland

In the far Northeast corner of Europe, a vast land covered by trees, lakes and swamps rests peacefully. Caught between Scandinavia and the East European Plain, this country finds

Cars and dogs

As it is common nowadays, the idea for this article came after a discussion on Twitter. I was alerted to the book ‘The Psychology of the Car,’ in particular

Should We Get Rid of Mathias Cormann?

The newly appointed head of the OECD is a former Australian Finance Minister called Mathias Cormann. He has stated that, “the EU think twice before introducing unilateral tariffs to

Commissioned research and researchers’ integrity

A few days ago, a report “Abuse of Power: Coordinated Online Harassment of Finnish Government Ministers” was published by NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence. It confirmed what many

It’s Time to Cut Public Support for Banks

Banks are busy paying out dividends and buying their own shares back from the market even when the regulators are asking them to limit these activities as the inevitable

Finland Is Looking for Foreign Expert Workers

The Finnish government wants to attract highly educated families to migrate to Finland and have  just announced a whole series of measures to attract foreigners with the right skills.

Regulation Does Not Make Banks Safe!

Banks are supposed to be regulated but it seems that the job has become next to impossible or extremely challenging to perform properly, even when investigative journalists have already

Don’t Bank on It!

Finland is one of those countries that has a few big banks that dominate the retail market with a 60% to 70% market share, depending who is counting.  Competition

Finnish Politics – Voting for Honest MPs

It is worth reading MP’s websites, especially just before elections – it should make you think twice about how you cast your vote. “A clash of cultures and massive

Swedish “Defiants” Just Don’t Get It!

This afternoon (Saturday 6.3.2021) a large demonstration was organised against the government’s Corona-19 restrictions in Stockholm. As you can see hundreds of people are not using face masks nor

An Awful Year is Behind Us…

It has been an awful year since the pandemic struck and today’s numbers compared to one year ago tell a story of neglect and misleading news. If you read

European Central Bank Loves Fossil Fuels

The European Central Bank is buying plenty of bonds to keep interest rates low. The amount of their purchases are huge… they have used several trillions of Euros of

At Last – Nature Can Be Part of GDP!

It has been along journey for a brilliant Indian-British economics professor called Partha Dasgupta who at last is telling us that the GDP figures we are watching every day

Danes Optimize Wind Power Brilliantly

Vestas has announced the launch of their new massive 15MW off-shore wind turbine, which they claim will produce 80 Gigawatt hours, (GWh).  It is a huge wind turbine that

Are we selling out to China?

With the new investment deal between EU and China, a number of concerns are finally raised regarding our future political democratic system and independents from outside pressure. According to

Good Move by Borelli and soon Haavisto

The EU is trying hard to establish a consistent foreign policy and speak with one voice given that it represents 450 million people. It is difficult when Merkel and

Finns and Europe Focus on Battery Development

The Finnish government has brought together a group of Finnish and major international companies together with universities and research bodies here to create a battery material eco-system to  develop

Delivery Companies Cause Lower Food Standards

The recent article about Wolt received some feed-back from a few restaurant owners who. They told FinnishNews that delivery companies have offered them a useful service during the pandemic,

Wolt – Shame or Fame?

Your correspondent admires the innovative and hardworking people who create valuable goods and services for consumers. Finland is a tiny market, which means that very few startup companies can

“Make Britain Little Again!”

It would be interesting to hear why the British government is now recommending that small and medium size companies should move their companies to one of the EU member

A Video that May Cost His Life?

  This video from Aleksei Navalnyi presents a picture of Russia under President Putin that may have serious consequences for the EU, the USA and for many other parts

NIB & EIB – Reform Now?

This article follows on from the last article and covers two institutions, the Nordic Investment Bank, (NIB) and the European Investment Bank, (EIB) that operate in all of the

We Need Public Financiers More Than Ever

State-owned and other public financing bodies are important in supporting corporations in research and development, in innovation, and in financing exports to the global markets. This is true for

Somebody is playing games here…

Here are some new details on the vexing matter of vaccines and the troubling German deal. This afternoon, 13.1.2021, Sebastian Gülde from the German Ministry of Health’s press department has

Is Germany Jumping the Vaccine Queue?

The EUOBSERVER (13.1.2021) has just run an article about the supply of Covid19 vaccines where it states: “During a hearing in the European Parliament’s environment and public health committee, Sanda

Should Commercial Interests Limit YLE?

The Finnish government has submitted a proposal to amend the law relating to the public service broadcaster, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, or “YLE” as we refer to it here. 

All Men Are Equal Before the Law

Your correspondent is a lawyer by education, and he has always understood the meaning of Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) that states: “All are

Fuzzy EU & China Investment Deal 

On December 30th 2020, the EU have just published the following news: “The EU and China have today concluded in principle the negotiations for a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment

Inflation myths…

Inflation is a measure of the value of any unit of money. When the price of anything increases, that unit of money is worth less. That is the best

Brexit is for Monkeys, as is Trump

The Chinese had 2016 as the Year of the Monkey. That was the year the Brits voted for Brexit and the Americans voted for Trump.  The saying goes that

Finns have World’s First Frozen Chef’s Table

MasterChef competitor Sirly Ylläsjärvi has built the  world’s first ice and snow Chef’s Table kitchen in Ylläs, Finnish Lapland. Together with Lapland Hotels SnowVillage and Miele, Sirly Ylläsjärvi has designed a

Hackers Need BitCoins but We Do Not!

As has been published earlier in FinnishNews, most IT security risks are focused on preventing hacking, ransomware and data theft by criminals…  … but criminals thrive because they can

We Need Norwegian’s Wings

Finns and Swedes need to have competition in the air otherwise we are stuck with SAS and Finnair, two of the most uncompetitive companies on earth, at least on

Gambling Needs Clear Regulation & Controls

Readers will recall past articles about the dangers of gambling in FinnishNews. The first article described the clear predominance of pensioners and unfortunate rather desperate-looking folks standing in front

Networks Are Hopelessly Fragile

This week saw the breakdown of Google services and the US government disclosed that Russian hackers had been spying successfully for months on Homeland Security, the Treasury and Commerce

OECD Produced a Balanced Finland Survey

The OECD Economic Surveys are prepared for each member country every one to two years where it summarises each country’s main economic challenges and provides policy recommendations. It was Finland’s

Swiss Political Fire over Palm Oil

Finland’s oil giant and stock exchange company (with a big part owned by the government) uses sustainably produced palm oil to manufacture bio-fuel for vehicles and planes. We are

A stamp of approval, or is it?

The most significant EU-related popular vote in recent years took place on 27 September in Switzerland. Its outcome left no room for doubt, with 62% of the electorate rejecting

The Rule of Law & COVID in Finland

The Chancellor of Justice supervises the lawfulness of the official acts of the Government, the ministries and the President of the Republic, who appoints the Chancellor and his deputy.

The Last Weeks in Finnish Politics

Huh! There is not much to say except the opposition’s opposition (yes, you read that correctly…) is getting desperate!  On the other hand, the present government is doing a

Is Centralised Better?

We all know what a despot is… they run places like Russia, North Korea, Belarus and quite a few other countries. Trump tried his best to control everything in

Blackness… and light…

These are the darkest weeks in Finland just now – or at least in Southern Finland. There is very little sun, no snow, lots of clouds, and the temperature


Black Friday should be stopped. It is a consumer frenzy encouraged by Big Media, Big Tech and Retail Giants, that offer nothing but bigger piles of rubbish and heavy

Helsinki in political turmoil

Helsinki is in political turmoil because everybody wants to be Helsinki Mayor after the present Mayor surprised everybody by announcing that he does not want to continue for a

Distance Working Does Not Work Well 

We have all been plunged into distance working because of Covid-19. Working from home has been forced upon us and it appears that the media and many  experts are

Media Soap Operas in Washington & London

The famous satirical British magazine, “Private Eye”, has long been a thorn in the side of corrupt or foolish politicians across the globe since 1961. Your correspondent can recall

UK is Copying Best Nordic Solutions

One of the biggest errors made by the normally efficient private sector is their use of the big consulting companies and investment banks for mergers and strategic advice. It

The Rule of Law Stays Strong in the EU

The EU Parliament, with the support of the Nordics, have succeeded to get a working Rule of Law principle enshrined in the new budget proposal. This was originally tried

Morton Serves Delicious Food in a Container

Morton is a welcome new addition to Helsinki’s restaurant scene. They have  opened a lovely container restaurant in the Hietalahti corner of Helsinki, next to Bulevardi and Ruoholahti, having

The Peak of Corruption…

After two exhausting days following the chaotic results of an election run by the mob, there should have been no new surprising shocks to scare us once more, but

Religion Is No Island

Religions, next to politics, are touchy subjects that you should never discuss with strangers and even less with colleagues. Religions, like politics, are private affairs that bind small groups

Selling Public Property is for Suckers

There is a Great Truth and a Great Myth about selling public goods like water companies, energy companies, hospitals, motorways, railways, schools and healthcare centres. The Great Truth is

This Equation Always Works!

When you have bad leaders nothing will go right – it will all go bad, and fast! Just look at the Brits who voted for Cameron, May and then

Some Finnish Leaders are Getting Noisy

One of the great puzzles of our time is how busy leaders want to be even busier than before! The current Mayor of Helsinki, a Conservative Party person, has

Going on Holiday to Home Work? 

Finland is a great place to enjoy a holiday. There are almost as many holiday homes as ordinary homes scattered around the country. This has always been the case

Why Do We Have to Tolerate Hackers?

One of Finland’s private psychiatric companies has been hacked and patient data has been stolen. The criminals who are responsible, are demanding over €400 000 in bitcoins or they

Printing Money Fast and Furiously

In 1899, Wasa Aktiebanken built a very nice-looking office for itself in Helsinki on Etelä Esplanadi. The building is still there but the bank has been long gone. A

This Week in Nordic Politics – Sick…

In Sweden the polls tell us that 20% of voters support the right-wing Sweden Democrats, down from 24% earlier in the year. Their sister political party the True Finns

Not so Secret Cyber Spies Spy on Us!

Forty years ago, a group of Harvard professors, researchers and practitioners came together to tackle the greatest threat of the Cold War: the fear of a nuclear exchange between

Finance Ministry: “Not that bad…”

The Finance Ministry Trio, Mikko Spolander, Jukka Railavo, and Marja Paavonen (photoed above) came out today with their regular update of the Finnish economy, and it was not that

A real meeting, at last…

Finns have been careful with the virus. We use masks because it is sensible, and not because we are told to use them. We pay our taxes, use public

Pension waste and Willful Blindness

In an earlier paper covered in FinnishNews, there was a presentation of the high cost of running three different pension companies in Finland that have high operating costs relative

The Coronavirus in Switzerland

The following article was written and published in June in the Swiss Revue By Marc Lettau Editor in chief. It sets out the Virus situation in Switzerland. It is interesting to compare the

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Don’t be fooled about the Nordics. We are not a lot of lazy sleepy socialists, but a community of four countries and some 25 million hard-working people who innovate

This week in Finnish Politcs

The Center Party got their new leader as predicted and Ms. Saarikko, the obvious winner, is immediately being accused of being divisive because she challenged the then current leader

Finns love a good forest fire…

The Finnish government and commercial forest owners have started to arrange controlled burning of forests to improve regeneration and forest diversity. Controlled burning is nothing new here – it

Finance Ministry’s Tough Employment Strategy

The Finnish economy recovered at a slower rate than the rest of Europe after the financial crisis. Unemployment remained high and he employment rate remained well below other Nordic

American and Finnish Postal Hell

Some 5 years ago the Finnish Prime Minister appointed a fellow entrepreneur as Transport Minister, and she took the job with a great fanfare that she will improve productivity

Stupid Politics – “My Country First”

When Trump first trumpeted “Let’s Make America Great Again” most foreigners smiled or poked fun at him because it is so juvenile to make that sought of claim. But

Ticks and public healthcare…

One of the new nasty things about summers in Finland are the ticks that have started to infest the taller grasses. They are tiny creatures that hang on to

Natural Resources Are Crucial for Humans

At least 40% of the world’s economy and 80% of the needs of the poor are derived from biological resources. In addition, the richer the diversity of life, the

I am someone’s daughter, too…

Watch this video and understand better how far the USA has gone in the wrong direction.  It is Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s full response to Representative Ted Yoho who

Sweden’s Virus Results are Awful

Recently the international media has been commenting on the fact that Sweden has not endured economic pain from the virus because they did not introduce the sort of Draconian lockdown

EU Bullies… Not the Way to Lead

We are told that Europe needs a huge emergency package because the Virus has devastated Europe. The amount of money is beyond belief – €750 billion… We already know

Other peoples’ money… No!

The European Union is not a federal state, but a collection of independent states that take responsibility for their own economic development and social services. There are clear differences

Nikari – World Class Sustainable Design

Nikari is a small Finnish cabinet maker that produces beautiful long-lasting furniture from wood and leather, etc – and they really are sustainable – it is not just lip-service… They

Finnish Politics – All Is Not Lost

From time to time it is useful to view Finnish politics in relation to what is going on elsewhere. When you read the newspapers and watch the news today


By Yana Basenko.   The moment you’re sitting by the water and almost forgetting that day and night exist. The sun seems to never fall behind the horizon; only

Big Auditors Behave Like Killer Robots

This world is not very good at regulating, limiting, banning and punishing the very big things that are slowly killing us. It is time for change… There are many

True Finns Propagate Criminal Hate Speech

This week is seeing how MP’s in Finland can get away with criminal racist hate speech without any sanctions. A True Finn MP called asylum seekers “an invasive species”

Death tells all…

Death is final and can’t be reversed. The Virus has seen many countries reporting death rates dishonestly, while a very small number had done it honestly. But what can

Ups and Downs in Finland and Sweden

The Social Democrats hold the pole positions in Helsinki and Stockholm. The respective prime ministers of both countries have been careful and thorough in what they have been saying

Finns Get New Minister of Finance

The political parade in Finland has again turned in a full circle. A former prime minister and party leader of the Centre party has agreed to take over the

Nordic Municipalities are a Great Strength

Regional government in all of the Nordic countries handles most of the basic services – education, local public transport, health- and social-care, local road networks, social housing, kindergartens, water,

It Didn’t Take Much to Kill America

We are all frightened by violence, but we are lucky because, for the most part, the Nordic countries are safe for all. We do not have to be frightened

The Myth of Gender Equality…

Gender Equality is one of those phrases people like to use. Every company and every public body needs to have a gender balance between 60%/40% and 40%/60% in top

A Nordic View of the Chinese Miracle

The economic miracle of China is not a miracle, but signal of the diligence and discipline of very large numbers of the Chinese people. There should be no surprise

No More Virus Numbers & Clear Results

You only have to look quickly at these numbers that we have been following for the last 3 months and the results are clear. It appears that half of

Why Do We Feel Like Fools Today?

Many politicians in the government and in the opposition have become immune to common sense when dealing with the economic consequences of the Virus.  The big questions we are

Five Steps for Start-Ups to Follow

Starting a new business is always challenging. It’s not a one-way straight line to success. Sometimes it’s messy and confusing, sometimes it takes time and effort, sometimes you just

Relief or Not (?) as Virus Deaths Fall

Even though there are huge differences in the numbers of deaths per 100 000 of the population, the numbers are showing a clear fall from last week and that

The Virus Shows a Need to Reform Banking

This crisis is showing the true business model of banks. They are naturally pursuing profits, and there is nothing wrong with that, but when they do it at our

Why Do We Have Much Slower Death Rates?

The media continues to fill the airwaves and newspapers with overwhelming doses of data and details about the Virus. Most of it is not news but trivial stories about

Finding Home: Ukrainian in Finland

By Yana Basenko As Heraclius said: “The only constant thing in life is change”. It is ingrained in us. It is an inevitable part of our life cycles. It

The Virus Slows Down But Lurks in the Corners

The above figures are not really very reassuring because older folk and somewhat fewer younger patients are still dying from complications caused by the virus. The biggest weakness with

Taxpayers’ Cash Fills Banks’ Pockets too

The European Central Bank has expanded its programme to support banks with loans that are at record-low levels because the ECB believes that the eurozone economy could shrink by

Virus Deaths Threat Worse Than Reality

The Human Condition is such that around 1% of us die each year, which means that around 7.4 million Europeans die from the population of 740 million, and some

Private Sector Bosses Dig Own Graves

Your correspondent is pretty sure that the big bosses of many of the big companies in almost every developed country around the world are now demanding cash from taxpayers

Virus Slows But Not Eradicated Yet…

As you can see the numbers have started to slow down because Lockdown has been effective. The differences have increased between the best and the worst… Now accusations are

Italian Bonds Just Above Junk Status

When I was a young man in one of the well established banks in Singapore, we sold government bonds to central banks in big countries like China, Malaysia, Indonesia,

National Interests Go Far Above EU Rules

“Air France” planes are grounded, so we need to support Air France” said Bruno Le Maire, the French Finance Minister on television and promised €9 billion for the company,

Latest Corona Weekly 13.4.2020 

The latest figures are out this morning and readers should see that there are a few big anomalies: How can Japan have so few infected and deaths from Corona

Europe’s Relationship with China?

When the Chinese offer massive infrastructure projects to countries inside the EU like the Helsinki Tallinn undersea tunnel, it is useful to check both the costs, the risks and

The G20 is Brain Dead on Climate Change

Here are the headlines and a quote from today’s Financial Times (FT 11.4.20 by David Sheppard, Anjli Raval, Derek Brower, Henry Foy- Paywall) : G20 backs largest oil supply

Video Conferencing is Really Dangerous

This is a crazy world with too many foolish leaders running big countries – I cannot believe that we have even “allowed” people like Trump, Xi, Putin, Johnson, and

The Sad but Hard Truth

Nothing more needs to be said – it is all a question of seeing the bigger picture…

Corona Numbers – Any EndGame?

Another sad week has gone by but the order of the country death numbers have not changed much, although the numbers of total deaths has doubled.  Those countries that

Comments about the Yanks…

They are up to their tricks again. Trump ordered the CIA to hijack facial masks from the French. The Yanks pulled up in a diplomatic jeep at Shanghai airport

A Few Comments about Corona Stuff…

According to the White House the USA is like a Banana Republic because their latest predictions models give a warning that the number of virus deaths will be between

WhatTheQuack – Big Open Corona HackaThon

Hackathons are normally short-lived intense projects for energetic younger folk who want to solve a looming or present crisis by lashing out with red hot Samurai swords made from

Some Like it Hot…

When entrepreneur Ms. Erja Kämäräinen left her local grocery store after work, the cashier sniffed the air and asked what was that lovely garlic she had in her shopping

Helsinki Filled with Dread

Today here in Helsinki we had bright sunny weather with a cold strong wind, great for a brisk walk through the city to breathe clean fresh air.  This is

Germany Moves at Last

Today Angela Merkel has announced a budget designed to save the German economy from the Corona virus and protect thousands of businesses from imminent ruin. The government is expected