Finnish Food- Café MAT – Breakfast or Lunch, Wow!

MAT 228.2.2016. Cafe MAT is a small but warm cafe on Iso Roobertinkatu right in the center of Helsinki run by expert cook and long-time caterer, Anna Sörensson and her colleagues.

They have been here for over a year and now their cozy catering and “café à la perfection” has expanded with one more room so more lucky hungry customers can enjoy their tasty original dishes and drinks.

They have introduced a totally new breakfast line into Helsinki with delicious toast plates with egg, avocado, hummus, cheeses, fish, etc. Their ideas are based on fresh vegetables, fruits and other nourishing food products. Their breakfast can include delicious omelets, toasts and yoghurts with exceptional toppings.

They make their own bread from different varieties of flours and using the old traditional methods with yeast and sourdough starters that produce chewy crusty bread that tastes like bread!

There is nothing hippy about this – it is good solid stuff that you seldom get in any restaurant for lunch or breakfast. They are beautifully presented along with some of the best coffees and teas that Helsinki has to offer.

It is actually no surprise that this is a jewel of an eatery. Anna originally came from Sweden many years ago and started working in Restaurant Motti (today it’s now Trattoria Sogno, also interesting) which was the place that has given birth to a lot of my favorite restaurants. She was hooked on the experimental side of young Finns, the excellent quality of local Finnish products that we enjoy here and she had her background in Swedish culinary expertize that continues to shine throughout Sweden. That combination and her determination to make something professional and original had resulted in MAT.

If you live nearby or in a hotel – give them a try for breakfast or lunch.

An exceptional eatery here in town and good value for money.

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