“There Other Side of Tokyo Street” —- YES — an interesting lounge bar!

In Hietalahti Food Hall there is one really good small food stall called “Tokyo Street”, where two hardworking owners, Ray Simonetti and Haruka Kawasaki, have established a strong following of foodies because of their reputation for producing some of the best Japanese noodles and soups in Helsinki through hard work and attention detail by using superior ingredients in their dishes.

Now they have now opened a Wine, Beer & Cocktail Bar in the same Hietalahti Food Hall where they will be serving Japanese Sake, award-winning wines from southern Europe and handcrafted beer from Finland, Europe and Japan. 

You can order their delicious and original food and enjoy a glass of their carefully selected wines, beers and cocktails!

This is an excellent new combination to their successful Tokyo Street Food Stall.

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