Finnish Food – Cafe Aalto, an important part of Finnish design and architectural history

The elegant Cafe Aalto,, is an important part of Finnish design and architectural history.

It sits above the best and largest bookshop in Helsinki in a center of peace and quiet where you can enjoy delicious European style dishes and snacks – see below…

Rautatalo, “The Iron House”, on Keskuskatu Street was completed in 1955. Its interior was designed by architect Alvar Aalto (1898-1976), often called “the father of modernism”.

It houses the Marmoripiha, “the Marble Garden”, and is one of the highlights of the original architecture, like the furniture. Elissa Aalto, who gave permission to use the name Aalto, became the godmother for the cafe. The Ant

Chairs by Arne Jacobsen have also became a part of the interior.

Here you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, salads, open-face sandwiches, coffee, tea, buns, thick chocolate cocoa with cream, milkshakes, ice-cream, wine and champagne, etc. They have plenty of Finnish specialties enjoyed by locals and guests.

The atmosphere is really special any time of the day and falls effortlessly into my list of restaurants to be visited here in Helsinki.

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