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Sugar Daddies Co makes world-saving a sweet treat

Bees will be bees – if only we stop destroying their habitat. Finnish company Sugar Daddies Co spreads the word of the plight of our pollinators in delicious – and smile-provoking – ways.

Buzz is building for the Daddies.

Buzz is building for the Daddies.

For passionate surfers, it’s all about the waves: how to find them, catch them – and keep them. Sugar Daddies Co partners Ville Rinta, Juho Wiberg, Jussi Peltoniemi and Eero Lähdesmäki found themselves wondering how to create a surf wax that’s as ocean-friendly as possible, to ensure their beloved hobby doesn’t harm the waters.

“Many of the existing waxes are made of paraffin, petrol or raw oil, and none of them are good alternatives for the environment,” Rinta explains. “We did a bit of research, and it turned out that beeswax could work.”

Soon, a few colonies of the black-and-yellow fellows moved in to live at the founders’ farm in Isokyrö, Finland. The goal was to create an excellent cold-water surf wax – which did work out. Now, Sugar Daddies is one of the biggest, if not the number one, surf wax producer in the Nordics, with primary markets where the waves are chilly, such as Norway, Ireland, Scotland and Canada.

However, that’s nowhere near where the story ends. As half of the four-strong team are farmers, they could spot the difference in their crop after the arrival of the bees.

“All plants just seemed to be much healthier, happier and tastier. That’s when it hit us: we should make honey.”


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