Helsinki Helmet-less… Watch Out!

The City of Helsinki is actually making a farce of itself by offering access to city bikes without helmets that every self-respecting cyclist is using.

Tourists can come to town and rent comfortable well maintained city bikes for a day or week at a low price like any local resident. The bikes are plentiful and the application is easy to use with a smart phone.

But there are no helmets available to cyclists and if you are riding in Helsinki then not having one is an invitation to the local hospital or, at worst, to the local undertakers for the home journey.

Riding in Helsinki with buses and taxis that never see bikes is so dangerous – this is not a pastime for the carefree. Buses and taxis do not give way unless you are dressed as a policeman with a bright red LED light in your hand.

Ordinary car drivers have improved their reactions when they see a bike, but many of our Estonian friends who are sitting behind the wheel, in a hurry to the ferry back home, don’t bother too much about easing back on the accelerator.

The city should offer helmets to protect the unwary cyclists – but perhaps it will take an expensive group action, in one of the American courts, after an American citizen has received head injuries after being hit from his bike to bring some common sense into this.

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