John’s Coffee Shop on Iso Roba 15 – Great Rwandan Coffee and more…

Not too many people have been to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, but your correspondent has been there and enjoyed the local food which is a combination of the best fresh tropical fruits – mango, papaya, melons, coconuts, and many other fruits… and coffee…

Yes, Rwanda is a small but important producer of high quality coffee which they are now exporting around the world. Enterprising young men and women, who have helped the country get back on its feet, have started several well-known business to grow and produce top quality coffee beans.

Your correspondent has worked for several months for the planning of the old and new airports in Kigali and has enjoyed many, many cups of their fine coffee.

Now, in the centre of Helsinki, John’s Coffee Shop has been opened and developed by its owner John and his wife.

They have started to import the best Rwandan coffee and the end products – espresso, latte, etc are delicious creamy dark floors form “Little  Africa” as Rwandans like to call their splendid country.

John has recently increased the size of the coffee shop and now offers delicious pita bread sandwiches there too.

Give it a try… it is worth it!

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