New excellent Malaga Bar (and restaurant) in Helsinki in “Jallukka Building” in Jätkäsaari

Back in 1978, a group of smart musicians created an association called “ELMU” – Helsinki’s Live Music Association, with the goal of establishing a live music scene in the Finnish capital. At that time, rehearsal space for local bands was scarce and opportunities to perform live were very limited.

Over the decades they expanded with concert locations and nightclubs, and now they have their own apartment block where talented musicians can rent apartments and not have neighbours complaining about the noise!

They are found on the ground floor of this building on Malagakatu 3, (click here for the map)

The bar is sitting behind big windows, opening out on the newly built area Jätksaari where many apartment blocks are still being built there.

The owner, Stina, and her “head waiter”, Billy, are two of the best known people in the business who understand what good food and drink mean to Finns living in Helsinki.

Their menu list is not huge but every dish is well thought out, delicious and full-sized! Their prices are competitive and will not leave a big hole in your pocket – real value for money… and it is the same for drinks which are cheap compared to any restaurant in Helsinki.

Their specialities are meat balls, spelt based delicious pizzas, fish and vegetarian dishes – at lunch time they have their €10 specials and dinner à la carte.

The atmosphere there, with a hundred musicians living right above, with a happy followers who have already found the bar/restaurant means, that this is a place that really does deserve to be positioned on the FinnishNews’ list.

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