New fish stall in Hietalahti Hall from Riga

Hietalahti Food Hall has started to outshine other similar places in Helsinki. It has started to become one of the most interesting places to enjoy a fairly priced delicious meal.

“Riian Silli”in Finnish or “Riga’s Herring”has just opened a new stall in the Food Market.

Norman and his daughter, Alise, have opened a new fish stall there that is based on the one they already have in Riga which is called “Herring and Dill”.

The interesting thing about this stall is that it adds a new food dimension to Hietalahti Food Hall and to Helsinki. For the first time we have smoked and marinated fish and vegetables that has been sourced from Latvia and presented in a Latvian style.

We tried out the Butterfish, which is a deliciously mild and creamy meat that I have never tasted before. Slightly smoked it is delicious with an oven roasted potato.

They also serve up herrings, mackerel, sprats, lampreys and of course our Nordic salmon either marinated, salted or smoked – served with potato or on our dark rye bread.’

Mackerel with cheese is there top cut – it is so delicious that it is hard to believe that I have never come across this before.

Memories of Munich’s beer garden come to mind with their delicious herrings on bread – only the beer and heavily-leaved trees are missing, and possibly the pretzels too!!

The only fish missing today, which is my favorite, is eel… I saw that they are serving them up in Riga! How long will we have to wait for that delicacy??? Not too long I hope

By: Nicholas Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, FinnishNews & NordicWeek

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