Relax and enjoy food and coffee in Café Engel

Cafe Engel 4 - CopyThis is also one of our long-term favorites. The restaurant sits right in the very center of Helsinki with a splendid view of the Helsinki’s main white Cathedral, standing high above the main Senate Square.

This is a rather spacious place, relaxed, and busy, where you can see and meet locals, students and visitors. It has never had a commercial feel because the owner, Harry, runs a good ship! His staff are friendly and courteous. You can sit here for hours over a tea, coffee, a glass of wine or beer and enjoy the buzz. It is one of those cafés where intellectuals tend to stop for a moment. This place seems to attract an interesting crowd, not the sort you see in all the other place. And that is the reason we like to go there so often.

If you are hungry, you can choose from the delicious menu of soups, salads, mains and deserts. I have always tended to choose the following four from the much linger menu– they are really good and great value for money:

  1. Beetroot burgers served with mayo, fried mushrooms and wild rocket
  2. Meatballs served with mashed potatoes and lingonberries
  3. Salmon soup
  4. Cesar salad

Their breakfasts are a regular pull – you will find much food here than in your hotel – the coffee is good, their scrambled egg is freshly made and if you like oatmeal porridge breakfast then come here! This last dish is so typically Finnish. The portions are fresh and big.


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