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Welcome to the forumNordic Newsletter

Welcome to the forumNordic Newsletter, where we delve into the heart of Nordic innovation and collaboration. Each edition is crafted to bring you closer to the cutting-edge developments that

Beware of Nobel Winning Professor Prophets

This week we read the following in one of the big newspapers: “Professor Robert Shiller, the Nobel laureate, says valuations adjusted for high inflation suggest stock returns for the

Politics: Trust is a Two Way Street

When Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon, some 50 years ago. He had to trust Houston and Houston had the trust him, otherwise they would have been no Moon

Strong Ratings from NATO Nordics

Fitch Ratings, like the other main rating agencies S&P and Moody’s all give the same ratings to the four Nordic  countries – here is a snapshot from  Fitch Ratings:

Politics: Finnish Strikes & Bone-Head Government

Finland has had coalition governments for decades which have been led by right-wing political parties. These politicians have always been careful and respectful in their relations with the trade

Five Reasons to Not Get Old

Finland’s healthcare system is being pushed to the ground by a rightwing government that wants to outsource doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers to the private sector for bigger

A Terrible Show of Western Weakness

The meeting between Trump and Orban in Florida is the continuance of the nightmarish theatre  being performed on the open stage in front of our eyes. Trump says that

RELEX – This is Really How to Export!

Every one of us has a different experience of shopping for groceries and other daily needs. The complexity of dealing with our vagaries is something that shops must deal

A Tottering Government in Helsinki?

Two large right wing parties reign over Parliament with a slim majority provided with the support from two tiny parties the Christian Democrats and the Swedish Peoples Party. The

Politics This Week – Dead End Finland?

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare There are plenty of people who believe that having less and living a life

Finnish Politics – Voting & Prejudices

The last couple of weeks have seen two elections that have given surprising results, but the surprises are not about the winners, but more about the ones who did

Volta Greentech Cleans the Air!

Readers will see in our report presented to the Danish government on how greenhouse emissions from Denmark’s agricultural production can be reduced by the introduction of a carbon tax.

It’s Really Important to Reduce Methane

A ruminant animal refers to a large group of herbivores with a four-chambered stomach that digest their food without thoroughly chewing it. Ruminant animals include cows, sheep, goats, moose,

Finland Glows Bright

By Christer Granlycke Embracing Innovation and Sustainability In the heart of the Nordic region, Finland stands as a beacon of progress, continuously pushing boundaries and embracing innovation in all

Revolutionerande Framsteg Inom Kvantteknologi

Av Christer Granlycke English abstract available here on this link I den ständigt framåtskridande världen av kvantteknologi har forskare vid Lunds universitet banat väg för banbrytande framsteg genom att

Systematic Danish support for Ukraine

Denmark, along with other Nordic countries, is doing a fine job supporting Ukraine which put our American friends to shame. Two years ago, Russia launched its brutal, illegal and

A Culinary Spectacle

By Christer Granlycke The IKA/Culinary Olympics, the oldest, largest, and most diverse international culinary arts competition in the world, recently concluded its 26th edition in Stuttgart, Germany. This event,

The Future – Black Swans & Boiled Frogs

”Black swan, boiled frog syndrome. Familiar metaphors when we talk about phenomena such as wars, climate change and pandemics. But instead of surprising us, they could almost always be

Yiannis Part 1 – The Fastest Long-Lasting Legs

The Beginning This remarkable story begins in a small village outside Tripoli, in Greece. It was then no more than a scattered and isolated hard-working farming community, a community that

Yiannis – Part 3 – The Ghost & Beyond

By Sami Vaskola.  There was the “ghost”, an undeniable crown for ultras, that the whole global running community believed that 300km in 24hours is an impossible peak to conquer.

New Danish Global Powerhouse

By Christer Granlycke Innovating Sustainability: In the realm of sustainable solutions, two pioneering companies stand out for their commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship: Novozymes and Novonesis. These industry

Unveiling the Future of Artificial Intelligence

By Christer Granlycke Insights from the AI-Powered Solutions for Public Services Program In the era of rapid technological advancement, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront, revolutionizing various aspects

Livscykelperspektiv För Ett Hållbart Samhälle

Av Christer Granlycke I dagens samhälle, där hållbarhet är en alltmer central fråga, är det viktigt att titta på produkters och tjänsters livscykel för att förstå deras verkliga påverkan

Ammonia as a Shipping Fuel is Risky

The use of ammonia as a ship fuel can contribute to eutrophication (increases in harmful levels of phosphorous) and acidification, due to ammonia leakage and emissions of nitrogen oxides.

Are They Real Presidential Candidates?

Finland’s Presidential Race is now a race to the finishing line between two candidates Stubb and Haavisto. Stubb received 27.2% of the votes and Haavisto received 25.8%, putting them

Finnish Pension Companies – Deserved Criticism

Some 20 and 30 years ago, your correspondent published various articles in several of Finland’s national media about the unnecessary high costs and poor investment policies of the Finnish

Helsinki’s Private Parking Mafia!

Readers will know that Finland has a love of natural monopolies and its little sister oligopolies – the latter two have another word that describes them “cartel cheats”! On

Clean Cosmetics from Finnish Bark

Sustainability is a crucial demand from consumers, especially among young generations. This statement is especially true for cosmetics with a history of negative publicity related to animal testing and

Waterproof Wood-based WCs, Sinks, & Bathtubs!

Success does not come easy if you want to disrupt the traditional market that almost exclusively has installed porcelain toilets, sinks and bathtubs market more than the last 100

Presidential Makeovers are Dangerous

When you go to a family wedding, your mother and sisters will look very different and a little strange with too much make-up, funny hairstyles, silly hats, and awful

Inhumane Treatment of our Weakest Pensioners

This troubling article illustrates what is happening with care of those elderly patients who are not able to care for themselves. This solution, with few positive exceptions, borders on

Helsinki – Bonkers Politics!

Did you know that over 20 new hotels have been opened in central Helsinki this last two decades, and most of them have around 40% empty rooms, and more

Packaging – Plastic Out, Wood Fibre In!

Three big Finnish groups, Valmet, Metsä Spring, and VTT, have come together to develop novel 3D fibre products that have the potential to replace traditional plastics, especially in single-use

It’s Obvious Why New Finnish Homes are Shoddy

Several articles have been published recently on how foreign construction workers have been employed through third-party companies using contracts that are far from what is acceptable or even legal

Finnish Companies Innovate With Plant Proteins

VTT and Finnish food industry join forces for development of new plant protein value chains, boosted by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Cost-efficient and high-quality plant-based food ingredients generate

Money Makes The World…

By Axel Fox In the famous tune of… It was in the year 1960 that the phrase “Money makes the world go round” was first used in the Cabaret

Sorry – It’s a Sad & Murderous Christmas

Your correspondent cannot write anything good about this Christmas because there are just too many bad things happening around us from political leaders at home and abroad… … and

Finnish Banks Crush Competition

For the last 15 years, at least, the biggest Finnish banks have stifled competition with help from the government that has strangely always claimed that they believe in open

Time to Inspect Orban’s Accounts

The international media has been writing and talking about corruption at the highest levels in Hungry for many years. Transparency International reported in 2022 that Hungary was seen as

Ukrainians in Norway – Finding Jobs Quickly

Half of Ukrainian refugees go straight into work after participating in a Norwegian introduction programme. Karolina Tsymbala is one of the approximately 16.000 Ukrainians who are currently taking part

Different Scenarios of War!

Företagsledare, politiker, generaler; de flesta använder sig av skisserade möjliga framtida händelseutvecklingar baserade på bland annat historiska fakta och analyser av nutiden för att skapa en eller flera färdplaner

Electric Man – Episode 2

By Our Swedish Correspondent. In July EU published the “European Green Deal” and one section described the future for road transport to complement emissions trading. Stronger CO2 emissions standards for

Electric Man – Episode 1

 By Our Swedish Correspondent The Nordic power system is a mixture of generation sources, where hydro, nuclear and wind power are the main sources. The Nordic region has many

We’re Out of Juice!

By Our Anxious Swedish Correspondent and published here in Finnish News two years ago ! “This price shock cannot be underestimated,” EU energy commissioner Kadri Simson told MEPs during

Finnish Politics This Week – Carelessness

The True Finns have at last received their shining black Mercedes and BMW ministerial cars, as well as some powerful ministerial jobs. They have joined the Conservatives to form

Trust… There is too little around!

Finnish voters will tell foreign readers that the present government here made two big election promises – they would reduce the public debt, and that they are there for

Why Should He Get More Pay or Less Pay?

The big and powerful employers union, Confederation of Finnish industries, (EK for short), has made the following statement in the media this week: ”Salaries in the public sector cannot

They Lost Some €6 billion But Continued…

Here is an interesting story of corporate mismanagement on one of Finland’s largest companies called Fortum. This is a Finnish energy utility (power heat and transmission), whose majority owner

UK Down the Brexit Drain

Your correspondent has just spent a week in the UK with family and friends. Most of the time was spent in Brighton, a small city, full of students and

Corona & Cheese Slicers

Finland like many other countries is already seeing a wave of the Corona virus with a rapid increase in infections has been noted for the last 6 weeks and

Wonderful Opera and Ballet in Helsinki

Messa da Requiem by Verdi is being presented in Helsinki with the Zurich Ballet and Finland’s National Opera and Ballet. The German choreographer Christian Spuck has worked wonders with

Did Finland’s Former PM do a Runner?

During the last 30 years four political parties have each enjoyed around 20% shares of the votes with occasional lapses down to around 10%. Two other parties manage to

The Free World is Horrified at This!

It is interesting to watch the muted reaction of Nordic leaders to the meeting between Mr. Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, and Putin. The meeting with the leader

Fossil Leaders Prefer Fossil Fuels

What has this world come to? We have the leaders of the free world who are all supporting Israel that has been deliberately pushing the people of Palestine to the

Time to Eject Russia from UN Security Council

Putin and his gang of thugs are repeating the same atrocities in Ukraine that he ordered in Syria. Targeting villages, hospitals and schools with lethal missiles that kill innocent

How Bike Start-Up Disrupted Car Addiction

GoByBike Finland Ltd. is no ordinary start-up – it has been a great success in changing attitudes to biking in this country – where most working people use public

Finland is Perfect Market for Doctors

Everyone is complaining here that it takes too long to see your doctor in your public healthcare center. You normally wait for two weeks, at least, before they find

Spartathlonn 2023 – A Women’s Thriller

The 2023 Spartathlon turned into an all-time women’s series thriller that started at dawn on Saturday morning on the last day of September. Many of the best ultra runners

VTT, Nokia & Sandvik Autonomous Mining 5G+AI

Underground mines are challenging environments for safe operation of autonomous machines, but next generation digital solutions could change that. A joint R&D project coordinated by VTT shows the potential

Reality Check – Private Sector Fallacies

Some right-wing financial folk in Finland (That’s right, it was Mr. Wahlroos again!) have recently said that governments are a poor owner of companies, meaning, implicitly, that the private

Finnish Care Homes – Dumpsters For Elderly

An over-80 close friend’s mother (let’s call her Emma) who suffers from dementia was suddenly left without the support of her husband when he collapsed and was sent immediately

Go Digital Young Man… the Kiss of Death!

Your correspondent had to move to a new house just 30 km from Helsinki and install an optic fiber internet connection, receive new credit cards because he thought that

Finnish Politics – Nonsense This Week!

As Elvis sang in Wooden Heart: “Treat me nice, treat me good Treat me like you really should… … Please don’t break my heart in two…” Voters should be

Helsinki In Middle of Unethical Behaviour!

The City of Helsinki owns a company called HEKA that builds and rents out thousands of apartments in Helsinki to ordinary working folk and pensioners who choose to rent

High Speed Trains Need Commuters

The new Finnish ministers are not good at maths – it is clear that they do not have a clue about balancing budgets. The first thing their former colleagues

Presidents for Sale… Roll Up, Roll Up!

Finnish politics has turned rather sour with the election for President which will take place next year. The list of candidates is splattered with “Have-Beens” and a few political

Politicians Seek to Kill Finland’s Equality

Finland has always benefited hugely from the concept of equality: One man and one woman have one vote each at elections. Our political leaders are normally honest upright people.

Finnish Politics This Week – New Clangers

Two ministers from the 20% Conservative Party have made public comments that even surprise any thinking person as being completely bonkers… The first comment was something like the following:

Bigotry Hijacks Finnish Parliament

Now and then you may have heard people saying, “If you are not qualified to get the sort of job you think you deserve, then you can always be

Due Diligence was Ignored by Finland’s Prime Minister

Every professional investor and every professional financial analyst always perform Due Diligence thoroughly when making or recommending important investments or employing key staff. A Due Diligence process normally involves

Finland Used to be a Nice Place…

We were lucky to have had a group of reasonable leaders from well-mixed coalitions in this country, but that was before… Now, after the recent elections in April, we

Central Bankers on Inflammatory Drugs

Central bankers are guilty of GroupThink, meaning that they don’t think for themselves, but just follow the others like sheep. When we came out of Covid, they were throwing

Finland’s Prime Minister Dives into Mud!

The newly appointed PM here in Helsinki, Mr. Orpo, could not be more different from his predecessor, Sana Marin. She was always clear and thorough in her opinions and

One-Hour Train Scandal for 220km Trip

Our new PM has just announced a new pet project as part of a government policy bible that  promises to deliver a €6 billion saving in public services. The

Death Toll from Climate Change for Dummies

Many people in Finland and elsewhere claim that Climate Change is costing too much. In Finland, they claim that we have already done more than others to reduce greenhouse

Why Finland Should Fight Climate Change

This is a longish article on an important topic about why Finland and other Nordic countries should remain at the forefront of green technologies. The USA and the big

The True Finns Take off Their Masks

President Niinistö hit the nail on the head when he spoke of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine by saying: “Putin’s mask comes off, showing “cold face of war” Now

You may not be saved by Noah’s Ark

What do we really want from politics and politicians? Most of us think about having a reasonable cost of living that we can have from our jobs, and later

Fortum Bosses Rightly Denied a Fortune

Readers will recall that Fortum, the biggest energy company in Finland, made a series of disastrous decisions to invest in Russian fossil fuels after Crimea was invaded. They made

Central Bank Monkey Business

The best classical quote this week before the Credit Suisse crash, came again from the president of Finland’s Central bank who is not known for being very sharp. He

Finnish Taxation is Relatively Reasonable

We have an election coming so right-wing politicians, with a little help from their media friends at the main newspapers, are trying hard to tell Finns that taxation here

A Teatime Story from Hainan, China

Two couples happened to meet in a crowded posh tearoom (in Chinese this is called a “chaguan” and written 茶馆). The tearoom is to be found in one of

(Un-) True Finns and their Cruel Bigotry

When any political party starts to talk about limiting immigration or keeping foreigners away from “our children”, you should see red flags. When political parties start to talk about

Who Needs the Olympics When We Have Noora?

Last night Finland’s fastest Ultra Runner Noora Honkala ran the Sparta 12-hour Endurance Race. She completed the distance that ended today, Sunday 19.2.2023 at 05:00 a.m. with a new

Cardboard Packages = Fossil Fuels

Yesterday 200 grams of coffee arrived at a Post Office Box for collection by your correspondent’s wife. The plastic envelope was wrapped in a cardboard box three times its

Killing Your Children Slowly…

It is quite probable that most readers would accuse your correspondent of exaggerating, but he  lives in an apartment where a huge MacDonald’s “M” logo flashes bright yellow and

Watch Out for the Wounded Bear

Can you imagine why any country’s leader of a European country would send over 200 000 of his young men to their deaths or to be injured badly just because

The True Fools = The True Finns!

Here in Finland, politics took a turn for the worse this week when the leader of one of the largest parties, the True Finns, made the following astonishing claim:

Putin is the New Nazi Now

It is a confusing for us Europeans to see that Germany is not delivering tanks to Ukraine. There are no good reasons to hold back to send the necessary

Stockholm vs. Helsinki… What a Difference!

Your correspondent, who lives in Helsinki, happened to spend a few days last week in Stockholm for business meetings, and the difference between the two cities was startling, breathtaking

Sweden & Finland – Faustian Bargains with Far Right

Finnish and Swedish politicians have traditionally practiced rather conservative Protestant characteristics, with very few outliers on either side of the political spectrum. There was a flirtation with left-wing politics

Partial 3D-Print Proto Electric Motor from VTT

Electrical machines are an old, traditional field of research that is being re-started by 3D printing as a manufacturing method. The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has focused

Citibank Hits Bottom Again!

When a former Finnish banker gets to join a big American bank’s board we get the impression from the Finnish media that we should be jumping for joy here

Sweden & Finland Enjoy a Re-Start

500 years ago, Finland and Sweden were one nation and that lasted until 1809 when Russia decided to take over Finland’s land before giving the Finns back their long-awaited

Is a Price Cap for Consumers Justified? Yes…

In September, your correspondent wrote that the Helsinki power company, Helen Oy, (Helen Ltd in English) that produces electricity and heat has increased its power tariffs to a level

Finns Make Plant-based Meat Attractive With Science

The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland possesses a unique toolbox to develop game-changing innovations for meat alternatives, making it possible to offer real, authentic experiences for consumers. With

New Digital Trust Solutions Energy & Hunting Safety

Physical systems are increasingly being monitored and controlled remotely using communication networks. When several players are involved in such a cyber-physical system, digital trust takes on a key role.

2023 Will Be a Bad Year

Financial experts and journalists are  always tempted to think holistically, (that is a fancy word for “globally”), about what may happen. However, anything longer than 12 months cannot be

Irish Scientist Arrives in Finland…

Research scientists face three questions: Coming out of a PhD and comparing pros and cons between industry and academia?  Established researcher but weary of short contracts and funding insecurity? 

Fond Memories to Celebrate the Day

A reader from the south-west coast of Finland sent me this letter and it is worth being published because of its relevance today when many are faced with spiraling

Fraudulent Promises from Mobile Operators

A fraudulent activity is deliberately deceitful, dishonest, or untrue, and this week the founder of Theranos, an American company, was given a long prison sentence for fraud. The court found

Russia Attacks Poland???

Clueless Russian army lead by Putin has fired missiles that may have destroyed buildings in Poland and killed two people according to latest media reports. Putin’s wanton reckless behaviour

Pensions at 70, please, not before!

Twenty years ago, I wrote this column – revisiting it today was a real eye-opener because I am working at 74 and “lovin’it” like any hamburger muncher! As a

EU Must Challenge Global Bullies

Most of us travel within Europe for work and holidays at some point during the year. What happens if you forget to take your prescribed medicines or your bag

Trouble does not come in threes…

Most readers will understand the following three sayings, which should most certainly be understood to teach us an important lesson: “Bad news come in threes”, “When it rains it

The Media Creates Interest Rate Nonsense

When you read the newspapers today you would think that we are seeing record high interest rates. For most house buyers the increase has been around two percentage points.

Wars, Taxpayers vs. Big Companies

Two companies in Finland have received huge support from the government – and that is your money, Mr. & Mrs. Taxpayer.  This happens when big companies make big losses

Wastewater treatment plants can catch a cold

Just like humans, wastewater treatment plants can get sick, due to viral attacks. Now, new research from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, reveals the implications for the surrounding environment

What is a War Criminal?

A common definition of a “Criminal” would be someone who illegally and physically harms another human or misappropriates others’ property that results in punishment by a court. The above word

Today’s Olympics Cost Us Too Much

The Olympic Games, as they are organised today, should be stopped for the following simple reasons: Corruption is rife within many parts of the Olympic organisations. Many participating nations

Helsinki’s New, Slightly Sadder Face…

Thanks to Covid and Putin, the city centre of Helsinki has had a facelift for better and worse! The main shopping streets around Stockmann’s, the biggest and most diverse

A Long (Better) View From the Nordics?

Can things get much worse, or are we on the edge of something else? Let’s look at the paths that brought us here… Putin came to power and the West

Putin is at War with Russians Now!

How can you have such a stupid person running a such big country like Russia with all of its history and great culture.  How is it possible that low

Mass Graves, courtesy of Putin…

How often do you see a murderer or brutal criminal being invited to meet a European leader? Well, we know that Merkel and a few others welcomed this man

The Swedish Elections – Looks like a LogJam!

The Social Democrats had a good run in these elections with 30.5% of the vote with the Moderates (M), Conservative look-a-likes, and the Swedish Democrats (SD), xenophile nationalists, with

Stop Privatising Public Goods

Right wing governments like giving their corporate sponsors juicy projects that should never be allowed. The Brits played with water – the ultimate public good and look what happened.

A Breath of Fresh Air Is Always Welcome!

In an Op-Ed column in the New York Times, (“Women’s Work Is Never Done”, Aug. 27, 2022) Maureen Dowd, a winner of the 1999 Pulitzer Prize, wrote: “Sanna Marin,

You get what you pay for…

Do you really believe that us Nordics are “Bloody Socialists”? Just look around here and you will find hard-working people who want to keep our countries tidy, maintain good

Texas Teaches the Virtues of Fossil Fuels

A recent article in one American journal mentioned how the leaders of State of Texas, those oil-loving folk, have agreed to ensure that their children will not be forced

Private Healthcare Goes on Holiday

Your correspondent needed some antibiotics after a nasty tick, (the Finnish words is “punkki”, appropriately similar to the English word “punk”), the size of a pinhead, attacked his leg

Digital Hell…

Finnish politicians have been pushing complex and incomplete digital solutions on unsuspecting ordinary folk as if they are the greatest innovations since water pipes and electricity… All of our

Dear Russians – Wake  Up 

Putin is Living in Another World. He is living in another world where he appears to ignore that 50 000 of his soldiers have been killed and a huge

Putin’s Evil Deeds in Ukraine

Why is Putin so brutally destroying towns and killing people in Ukraine? Now Putin it appears that he has ordered his troops to burn corn fields that are ripe

Summer Break in Finnish Archipelago

Each summer your correspondent likes to share good and interesting experiences with our readers while on his summer vacation. This year is very different from the last ten years

The Un-United Kingdoms – Nordic Views…

Voting for conservative political parties appears to be fraught with division. The word “Conservative” used in the political context means “averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values.”

Fortum in Finnish Wonderland

FinnishNews There are three Finnish energy companies that have the Finnish government as the main owner, and all are up to their eyeballs in fossil fuels! “So much for

Wanted Person:

This Russian man, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, is wanted for the following war crimes in Ukraine, a sovereign state where his has ordered a brutal invasion by his armies: Bombing

Putin – The Murdering Czar?

In many countries there are laws that prevent people from insulting or criticising political and religious leaders. In Thailand it is a crime to insult the king under a law

Skanska – Are They “Bully Builders”?

There are many good articles to write about when you have years of professional experience of finance and investment, as is the case with your correspondent.  Most of these

Putin’s Nuclear Threats & Nuclear Horrors

Soon after Russia invaded Ukraine, President Putin said he was moving his “deterrent forces” – meaning nuclear weapons – to “combat ready” status. This has raised fears that Moscow

They Want to Look Like Successful CEO’s!

It is totally improbable that the Russian President and his Foreign Affairs Minister dress up like Wall Street bankers. They wear dark suits, fine white shirts, and red silk

Finnair & SAS Strategically Foolish

Sweden, Norway and Finland have not been blessed by the gods – we are small populations isolated from the rest of Europe by water.  Going North or East means

Housing Loans Are Still So Cheap

You would think that the cost of borrowing for you home has gone through the roof judging what the banks and central banks are saying. Inflation in the EU

Klarna, Apple, & Debt Collectors

The great expansion of debt has been a major consequence of the lax monetary policy of the central banks. Interest rates have been kept too low for too long

Big Digital Services Are a Rip-Off

Your correspondent has enjoyed a few days of Covid bliss which is almost being relieved with  digital streaming services. Our household solution is to group these digital services into

Central Bankers are Punch Drunk 

National currencies should be trusted as a public good because we all need and use payments, debt and savings every day.  We want that the price of money, goods

… and Putin Hides in his Bunker!

The above photo graph shows President Putin in his darkened bunker that has very thick walls of steel and concrete deep below the ground.  (Sorry for the quality of

Heads of Sovereign States Meet!

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a meeting with Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin, who is visiting Ukraine for the first time on 26.5.2022. The Head of State

More Comments on Banking Mess – Part 2

In the article below, we learnt that strong banks are profitable banks, and that the current Finnish banking supervisor, who is moving to Frankfurt for a larger similar EU

Finland Seeks NATO Membership

During this spring, an important discussion on Finland’s possible NATO membership has taken place. Time has been needed to let Parliament and the whole society establish their stands on

Письмо к русскому народу

К русскому народу: Пора остановить Путина и отстранить его от должности. Он использовал российскую армию для террористической деятельности и превратил Россию в государство-изгоя, а это означает, что Россия теперь

Letter to the Russian People

To the Russian People: It is time to stop Putin and remove him from office. He has used Russia’s army for terrorist activities and has turned Russia into a

Russia Is a Terrorist State

The commonly accepted definition of terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. This is exactly what Russia is

Putin & Lavrov Are Brutal Beasts…

Seldom do you hear such rubbish from any country’s leader and foreign minister – but in Russia anything goes when the place is run by criminal gangsters who allow

Putin The Coward

Putin is a coward because he sits in a bunker where nobody can hurt him… he’s scared of germs… Putin is a coward who orders a war where civilians,

Putin Is Acting Like Hitler

Putin has launched a cruel war against Ukraine where his army is killing, torturing, wounding innocent civilians – old men, old women, and children. In addition to the above

Ausztria és Magyarország Könyörögj orosz gázért

Hogyan tudunk mi európaiak úgy állni, mintha semmi baj nem lenne, amikor két osztrák és magyar nemzeti vezető flörtöl egy háborús bűnössel, hogy megtartsák orosz fosszilis tüzelőanyag-készleteiket, ártatlan ukrán

Österreich & Ungarn bitten um russisches Gas

Wie können wir Europäer tatenlos zusehen, wenn zwei nationale Führer aus Österreich und Ungarn mit einem Kriegsverbrecher flirten, um ihre Vorräte an russischen fossilen Brennstoffen auf Kosten russischer Soldaten

Deutschlands schändliche Gier…

Deutschland will nicht aufhören, Gas zu kaufen, weil seine Ökonomen von einem SCHRECKLICHEN Verlust von Arbeitsplätzen sprechen – das entspricht weniger als einem Anstieg der Arbeitslosigkeit um 1 %.

Germany’s Shameful Greed… 

Germany does not want to stop buying gas because their economists talk about a TERRIBLE loss of jobs – that represent less than a 1% increase in unemployment. Germany

No More Russian Victory Days 

On April 30, 1945, Hitler committed suicide and within days, Berlin fell to the Soviets. German armed forces surrendered unconditionally in West Berlin on May 7th and in East Berlin

Letter to the Russian People

Dear Russian People Your Soldiers & Mr. Putin are deliberately killing Ukrainian women and children as a War Prize. There is nothing , nothing, more gruesome than soldiers deliberately

Hungary – Is 1956 Already Forgotten?

Wikipedia has many similar photos of Hungary’s glorious past years under Soviet control. This picture is an original and one of many – this picture is tagged as follows:

Finnish Workers’ Pension System Needs Reform

The Finnish workers’ pension system is a stable government-controlled and supervised joint system that covers present and future pensions for every working person here. It is based a collection

Putin’s Ukrainian War legacy, so far:

Here are what he and his colleagues in the Kremlin have achieved: We have seen that they have committed serious war crimes by bombing systematically civil buildings like whole

European Destruction and Kiev…

Your correspondent has just spent a week in Madrid for relief after this cold harsh winter in Helsinki with Putin’s brutal war ruining any thoughts of a happier future

The Banks are Back Again!

Few people will remember how the almost largest bank in Finland, OP Bank, was telling its clients in 2010 that not paying off a housing mortgage every month was

War Criminal Putin’s Murdering General

By Ms. Oleksandra Matviichuk, Head of the Center for Civil Liberties in Ukraine Remember him – Mikhail Mizintsev. He is leading the siege of Mariupol. It was he who ordered

Six Definitions of Freedom

The question “What is Freedom?” Is on everyones’ mind today as a brutal group of old and demented Russian leaders have embarked on killing thousands of innocent people in

Helsinki Airport – New-Old Building Site

Helsinki Airport has proclaimed itself to be ready for passengers with huge new passenger and Parking Buildings. They have made the following statement on their website: “Helsinki Airport’s strengths include

Is Putin Mad?

There have been many articles about Putin’s state of mental health – some have speculated that this man is suffering from a physical impediment, while others say that he

Will China Dump Russia or Themselves?

The West is very dependent on China because it has been the manufacturing center of the world… But note the words “it has been”… China has enjoyed incredible economic

Putin’s Nine Steps to Hell

Step 1 – Putin has attacked the very heart of peaceful democratic life that this world has tried so hard to develop and nurture the last 70 years. He

Another Letter to Mr. Putin

Well Done, Great President Putin! You must decorate your brave soldiers for their precision bombing of the Childrens’ Hospital in Mariupol. It must have taken months of planning to

The Scenes of Death

Företagsledare, politiker, generaler; de flesta använder sig av skisserade möjliga framtida händelseutvecklingar baserade på bland annat historiska fakta och analyser av nutiden för att skapa en eller flera färdplaner

A Despot’s Banker is Just a Guilty

The Financial Times published this story this week about the head of Russia’s Central bank which led with the following headline: “Elvira Nabiullina, a technocrat plunged into chaos at

The Reaction of an Ordinary Russian

By Finnish Grandfather, 86 years “The Russian will only react when the thunder rumbles and the lightning has already struck.” This saying of a Finnish remote patrol soldier (important

Tavallisen venäläisen reagointi

Kirjoittaja: Suomalainen Ukki, 86v. ”Venäläinen reagoi vasta silloin, kun ukkonen jyrähtää ja salama on jo iskenyt.” Tämä suomalaisen kaukopartiomiehen sanonta tuli mieleeni, kun ajattelen Venäjän nykyistä tilannetta. Hänen äitinsä

Hyödylliset Idiootit

Kirjoittaja on “Suomalainen Ukki” 86v. Onko kukaan uskaltanut spekuloida seuraavalla vaihtoehdolla, joka mielestäni on mahdollinen. Olisiko niin, että venäläiset oligarkit olisivat Putinin bulvaaneja, jotka eivät tosiasiassa omista mitään. Heidän

Useful Idiots

By the Finnish Grandfather of 86 years Has anyone dared to speculate on the next option, which I think is possible. Could it be that the Russian oligarchs are Putin’s

A Coward Like Putin Speaks

Here is a balanced view on the situation in Ukraine from the Kremlin spokesperson is Mr. Dmitry Peskov, who made the following statements today, 1.3.22: “Russian troops are not

War Crimes of the First Order

It is reported, but not yet confirmed, that the Russian Government may be using Thermobaric Weapons, Aerosol Bombs, or Vacuum Bombs in Ukraine that use oxygen from the surrounding

Massive Change in German Foreign Policy

The German government announcement today, Sunday 27th February 2022, amounts to a huge change in German foreign policy. The following new policies were announced by the German Chancellor: He

Den Finska Försvarsmiljön

Strategisk säkerhetsmiljö och intensifierat tänkande i intressesfärer – Den negativa trenden i relationerna mellan Ryssland och Väst fortsätter. Utvecklingen avspeglas även i Finlands närområden. Försämringen av supermaktsrelationerna har visat sig

Do Finns Really Like to be Obese?

Finland comes second in the race to the top to have the most obese population in Europe, after the UK. So you would think that this skiing, skating (Gold

One More Letter to Mr. Putin

Mr. Putin, Friends and neighbours should be honest and frank – not wimps. We are told that Russians have killed or supported the killing of 14 000 Ukrainians during

Innovation Green Industry with Grow22

Grow22 is one of the horticulture and growing industry’s milestone events that brings together key stakeholders from across the horticulture, gardening and landscaping industry to discuss advancing the green

The Euro Is an Interesting Deal…

Twenty years ago we received the Euro coins and notes as our new European currency. We were told that it will be good for us because each of the

Boris Nero Fiddles While London Burns

You have to congratulate Boris Johnson on his success to continue the policies of his predecessors in creating significant harm to the country for wild political objectives while telling

New Guide to Finnish Deep Tech Startups

VTT is the Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and one of Europe’s leading research institutions owned by the Finnish government. It promotes the use and commercialisation of research and

Finland to Remove Covid Restrictions

Finland has done well in managing the two year Covid Pandemic. We have kept large parts of the economy open with short focussed restrictions and a no general lockdowns. 

Olympics – We Need to Stop This…

You cannot get more stupid than what China is doing with hosting the Winter Olympics – here are the arguments: China does not allow any of the athletes to

A Letter to Mr. Putin, Our Neighbour…

Dear Sir, Russian’s GDP per capita that is only around one quarter of most European countries at around $10 000 and, as you know, most Russian people live in

MS Gabrilella Could Have Sunk in Icey Waters…

By Victoria Maslova My husband and I moved to Finland almost 2 years ago after graduation from St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies in Computer Science. I

Older People Excluded from Internet

Help! Our aging populations are creeping up all over the globe…  A friend’s father (87 years old) was sold a 5G telephone “upgrade” with a new €600 smart phone.

Should Finns be in Bum Cleaning Business?

A British filmmaker living in Finland called John Webster made a fantastic film in 2008 called the “Ingredients of Disaster” (Katastrofin aineksia) about how a family can reduce their

Germany Brings Chaos to Energy Markets

The EU should demand that Germany keep their nuclear plants open and keep Nord Stream 2 closed for the time being for the safety and security of our democracies.

Irresponsible Statements on Climate Change

The Secretary General of the United Nations World Meteorological Organization, Peteri Taalas, appears to be contradicting solid scientific evidence… The Finnish PhD scientist has written a piece for one of

China’s Water Crisis Hurts Them & Harm Us

In 2005, the Chinese Minister of Water Resources reportedly told journalists of the need “to fight for every drop of water or die, that is the challenge facing China”.

A Better New Year? Perhaps Not…

2021 was good because Trump was out, but there are many unanswered questions that do not give reason for cheer.  Syria, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, North Korea and many other

Finns who could be President…

One of the fun competitions that the right-wing press here wants to talk about is “Who Will Be The Next President”. This was a serious point of discussion a

Finnish Economy – Doing a Lot Better

The Finance Ministry’s Mr. Spolander (above) has given his blessing for the Finnish economy with some positive news.  For this past year he confirms that the economy here has

Helsinki Station is Not Getting a Facelift

Helsinki’s Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment, Ms. Anni Sinnemäki, has said that the city has a plan to change the area around Helsinki’s Central Railway Station a building that

What’s the Point of All This?

The New York Times published this headline this week: “On Syria’s Ruins, a Drug Empire Flourishes – Powerful associates of Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, are making and selling Captagon,

Finland Celebrates Independence Day!

Finns celebrate Independence Day today 6.12.2021 with great sincerity and seriousness because the country remained independent from two countries that in the past treated it as a colony –

Sweden exported viruses to the other Nordics

It is well-known that Sweden is an export nation. They sell jet fighters, many deadly weapons and weapon guidance systems, forestry products, steels, chemicals, advanced and complex technical plant and

Pension Companies Unite!

The call to merge the pension companies is increasing – ministers must be scratching their heads when leading business daily, Kauppalehti, published a letter from three readers that there

Finnish Politics This Week

The Right-Wing Opposition here in Helsinki (mostly men) have stopped complaining about the PM’s compulsive habit of doing housework when she needs to cool off. Probably their wives are

Slot Machines are Dying – Good Riddance

Just over a year ago FinnishNews wrote: “Readers will recall past articles about the dangers of gambling in FinnishNews. The first article described the clear predominance of pensioners and unfortunate

Robust State of Finland’s Energy Markets

The Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Lintilä, presented the state of Finland’s energy position in a far-reaching presentation today. Like every country around the world, Finland is coming out

Better News From Finland’s Labour Market

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Labour gave an interesting presentation about the state of the labour market today that differs somewhat between the rest of the EU. According

Thank Goodness for Lifeboats!

Your correspondent is a regular sea sailor to the west of Helsinki where strong winds and rough seas are common. This time of the year we also have thick

Taxes can be Great Value for Money

Two young Finnish female politicians and their economist friends have been arguing about why we need to think about not cutting taxes, or cutting taxes, to stimulate economic growth.

Oh Dear – Interest rates are Rising…

According to leading economists and the main financial media, the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank are not about to allow any increase interest rates because inflationary

Housing loans will get more expensive

If you have a home with a big housing loan then think carefully about what a two or three percentage point increase in the interest rate on the loan