4 million UK children too poor for healthy diet

Food banks in Finland have been growing but we have nothing like this on the scale seen in the UK.

Research, by the Food Foundation, a think-tank, says the low-income families have very little  money to pay for healthy food and that is putting the least well-off to a greater risk of diet related illnesses, such as obesity and diabetes, as well as widening health inequalities across society.

Brexit will probably increase the cost of food lending to greater inequality!

  • Comparing the estimated cost of England’s (PHE) ‘Eatwell Guide’ with household income, shows that the bottom 20% of families would have to spend 42% of their after-housing income on food to eat the Government’s recommended diet.
  • This is nearly four times what the richest 20% of UK families would need to spend on food to meet PHE’s Eatwell Guide
  • 3.7 million children in the UK are living in these households, earning less than £15,860, and are likely to be unable to afford a healthy diet as defined by the Government.
  • 14 million households (half of all households in the UK) currently don’t spend enough to meet the cost of Government’s recommended Eat Well Guide.
  • Widening inequality is leading to higher rates of childhood obesity in deprived areas with 26% of children in Year 6 being obese compared to 11% in England’s richest communities.
  • Findings strengthen calls for a national measurement of food insecurity and the need for further investigation into children’s access to healthy food in the UK (led by the Children’s Future Food Inquiry)

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