Bannon’s interference should be banned

The news that Mr. Bannon is creating a political movement in Europe with US donor money is an open attack on our democracy by foreign agents and should be immediately banned.

There can be no acceptance that foreign money should be allowed to be channeled to right-wing nationalist xenophobic political movements from the likes of people like Bannon. We are all shocked by what Russia has been doing in the US in the 2016 elections.

Is it now acceptable that Americans can start the same underhand practices in Europe?

Democracy should not be weakened by foreign-backed political organisations in any EU national state or in any EU parliamentary election.

Here are two quotes from todays’ main newspapers that explain briefly what is bing planned.

The Financial Times has reported on 25.7.2018 the following: “Mr Bannon, 64, co-founder of the alt-right website Breitbart News, is setting up a Brussels-based political vehicle called The Movement. Its purpose is to rally assorted rightwing populist and far-right nationalist parties in the campaign for next year’s European Parliament elections, to be held on May 23-26.”

The New York Times has also reported on 25.7.2018 the following: “Steve Bannon’s new campaign to undermine the European Union aims not only to build support in the EU parliament in elections next May but to forge a bloc of eurosceptic governments to influence EU leaders’ summits. The founder of a Brussels-based group known as The Movement, which U.S. President Donald Trump’s former strategist has chosen as a platform, told Reuters he not only hoped for a big vote in the European Parliament but could also see six or seven leaders, notably from Italy and central Europe, joining forces to sway the European Council of 27 national governments. Speaking at the suburban mansion home that is also his law office and headquarters of his Belgian populist People’s Party, Mischael Modrikamen said the Movement would channel Bannon’s campaigning expertise and financing from U.S. donors to help like-minded nationalist, anti-immigration groups across Europe.”

Bannon’s organisation should be banned and closed down – we do not accept Russian, or any other country’s, interference in our own democratic institutions and we should be fast and firm in our actions to stop such activities.

Photo: White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon at CPAC 2017 February 24th 2017 by Michael Vadon

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