Charlottesville, Trump, Sauna, KKK, & Pääkkönen

The is above poster for BlacKkKlansman connects the 5 things in the headline – they are so connected that it would be amiss if FinnishNews did not run the story about why they are connected.

BlacKkKlansman is about the KKK and their hate of people with a black skin and Jews. The film is an American biographical crime film co-written and directed by Spike Lee, based on the memoir Black Klansman (2014) by Ron Stallworth.

The connection with Finland is through one of the actors, a Finn called Jasper Pääkkönen who played the part of a very vicious KKK member called Felix Kendrickson. He has also built one of Helsinki’s most popular outside saunas on the seaside that also has a nice restaurant called Löyly 

Your correspondent went to see the film on the first anniversary of the Charlottesville massacre where even Trump appeared, not as one of the actors but as the maker of a bigot’s speech. 

This active supporter of the NRA and a man who uses defamatory language about non-white folks suddenly appears at the end of the film, after real murderous footage from Charlottesville massacred.

It was shocking to see him making an appearance and saying: “But you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides (in Charlottesville).” 

It is appropriate to watch the film which is current and frightening. The cinema in Helsinki this Sunday was sold out and people sat in their seats, silent and dismayed, after the lights came on at the end…

Xenophobia and racism has been bred by these new politicians who are no better than those other despots and killers we have seen in our history books.

Remember to vote carefully if you do not want another war, because these new leader are just out for themselves and not for you. 

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