Child rights should be respected by USA too…

In Finland, as in every country in Europe, including Russia, and in Asia, including China and over most of the rest of the world, with a few exceptions, it is a fundamental human right that children should enjoy a safe and happy childhood, where they can learn how to be valued members of our respective societies.

Child soldiers, abusive child labor practices, and child trafficking are all seen by 99% of the world’s adults to be criminally wrong and a crime against humanity.

The bombing of hospitals and schools where children are present is a crime a against humanity.

The Nordic countries have gone further, and understood that bullying in ordinary schools is a serious matter that requires special attention because of the traumas it causes for the recipients.

Today school bullies are challenged by teachers and others to stop such behaviour – procrastination is unacceptable, and a proactive attitude is taken in dealing with them because many bullies come from broken homes themselves.

But we can all agree that adult bullies are not in the same category as young children and stronger and more decisive action is required to stop them behaving so badly.

When adult bullies are putting children in virtual prisons – like detention centres in Texas – then there are no excuses to remain silent.

However, our President, and his Foreign Minister, an active anti-abortionist Roman Catholic, have said nothing against the American President who has overseen hundreds of immigrant children thrown into a virtual prison in Texas, after being forcibly separated from there parents.

If they are incapable of speaking out in a single voice against such unacceptable behaviour, then how can we ever trust them to rule?

Even the US President’s wife has “dared” to dress down her husband with public comments on this matter.

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