EU favours dishonest and illicit payments to MEPs

Good day – would you like to receive €4400 tax free each month for free? You would not be required to produce any invoices and nobody will chase you up if you used the money for illicit purposes.

It is probable that most people would not mind such a payment to their account each month, especially when the average monthly wage in Finland and Sweden is €3500 and from that we must all pay taxes.

The European Parliament has just voted once again that the tax-free travel subsidy of €4400 will be paid to all of the 751 members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and that money requires no invoices or other explanation about how it is used. The Finnair travel cost of a return trip between Helsinki and Brussels is some €400 and it is a certainty that these folk do not travel more than 2 times each month!

The Finnish Conservative and Social Democrat Party MEPs voted in favour of keeping this opaque system in place, for which we are paying from the taxes that they do not pay!

Talk about illicit payments and the depths of corrupt practices!

If there are no controls on how tax moneys are spent then we might all demand such payments form the EU too!

All Finnish and Swedish civil servants working in our respective countries must produce receipts for all agreed expenses – why should our representatives in the EU be exempt?

It is time for change – big change…

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