EU leaders in Brussels to discuss immigration – a mess

German’s Merkel organised a quick Sunday meeting in Brussels with 15 other heads of EU states to find some common ground on immigration that is threatening her position in Germany. 

There appears to be little hope for Merkel to find a full consensus on immigration. Perhaps she will be able to have an agreement with a few other countries, but that will not solve her own position in Germany.

The Austrians are already talking about having immigration controls on the Brenner Pass that joins Italy to Austria. Your correspondent just passed through there last week and saw hundreds of trucks and cars queuing for several kilometres. 

Macron is a real coward when he claims that Italy should be fined for not taking refugees to their ports. Your correspondent was in Marseille the other week, and all travellers were having their passports inspected. So much for the French respecting Schengen! The officials said that they want to stop illegal entry at the airport!

And the Italians and the Hungarians are now refusing to take any new immigrants to their ports and over their national boundaries… 

This nothing more than a big mess without getting to grips with the main problems where criminal gangs are able to fleece real refugees and many others who are not refugees, but who want to take advantage of our welfare systems and excellent European public infrastructure without any intention of working or becoming integrated citizens. 

In Helsinki, we have the same street beggars from Romania sitting for the 4th year on the same corners the whole year round. They are being transported by their colleagues in big vans in the mornings and evenings… 

The whole pretence that we are helping them has nothing to do with reality if this is the life they lead. On the other hand we have hundreds of hard-working immigrants in schools and at work who are actively seeking to have a good future here. We cannot afford to just sit back and allow people to waste their lives if they chose to sit on the streets with (almost) empty paper cups.

Opening Europe to uncontrolled immigration is not a policy that can be acceptable – naturally refugees from war-torn countries are welcome, but they must be returned if and when it is safe to go back.

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