EU must not breach agreements with Switzerland

One of the striking points about the EU is that they appear top be busy in spoiling their own nest as they deliberately try to grab power away from the national governments.

The whole Brexit farce did not have to happen if Juncker & Co had listened to what the UK wanted. They wanted reforms that never seem to appear even when it is obvious to many that reforms are needed. 

The EU has said and done very little about Poland and Hungary who have behaved atrociously with undemocratic policies at home while being recipients of huge grants from the EU. These grants should been stopped immediately.

Why should EU taxpayers be paying money to members who are not adhering to the rules? The grants do not belong to J & Co but are held in trust on behalf of taxpayers of other member states who have acted in good faith.

You may ask about why the following reforms have not been implemented:

Why do we have 2 Parliaments over 400 kilometres apart.

Why do we need a bloated Parliament that has little political legitimacy?

Why is it that France Germany and Spain can flout debt and budget deficit rules?

How can the President appoint high ranking civil servants without due process of public procurement?

Why do MEP’s have outrageous travel expense accounts? 

Why do we have an outdated Common Agricultural Policy?

Why is it that small countries have to accept the policies set by Germany and France or risk exclusion or punishment?

—- and now we can see in this fog of the Brexit shouting match that the EU is trying to force the Swiss to accept a downgrade in what has been agreed between the EU and Switzerland in the past.

An agreement cannot be one-sided when the other side feels uncomfortable for whatever reason. Under such conditions we could have the EU deciding to renegade on many types of agreements if it does not suit them or possibly the Germans or the French. Members states should not be bullied by any other member state or by any EU body. Things are clearly out of control at many levels, and that is bad politics.

The nation members of the EU can always demand fundamental changes within the EU if they agree unanimously, when there is an obvious need. However, the reverse is not true for the EU to breach agreements unilaterally without legal reasons.

J & Co. must ensure that the agreed rules and laws are applied, but what do we see? We see that Germany, France, Italy and Spain flout these rules and they do not even get a slap on the hand! The small countries are tied to crosses and burnt at the stake if they dare to challenge any rule or law!

It is not J & Co.’s job  to keep the flock together, but it certainly is not their job to allow member nations to fester with anger and disappointments because of a lack of progress on obvious and needed reforms. We are entitled to expect better from the men and women we pay to represent us.

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