European politicians, including Finnish ones, are selfish and suicidal…

There is a war going on in London within the Conservative Party. The 3 Brexit monkeys, (“speak no evil, see no evil, and hear no evil” – just like Google) Mr. Johnson, Mr. Rees-Mogg and Mr. Gove are trying to overthrow their leader Ms. May. They think she is too weak to achieve a Hard Brexit, which is nothing more than a quick way to kill off a lot of good trade and hurt voters wallets and jobs.

The 3 monkeys are all well-educated and rich. What do they care about the ordinary man in the street and pensioners who that have convinced that the EU is taking money away from the National Health Service and stopping Great Britain from being “Great Again”?

Then there is Mr. Schultz, the leader of Germany’s SDP. Mr. Schultz, was the German socialist head of the European Parliament, and had 2 limousines, 2 chauffeurs and 33 assistants, a spokesman, 5 press officers, 2 diary assistants and 2 ushers dressed in black tails who greet guests! That was an  incredible act that lasted for years and a huge waste of taxpayers’ money. He definitely did not set a good example. Last year he ran a disastrous election for the SDP and lost by a huge percentage because few trust this man. He now further showed his true colours and tried to steal the Foreign Minister’s post from the current and popular SDP minister, Mr Gabriel.

Only a loud outcry from the within the party forced him to abandon his plan for self aggrandisement. That was a very foolish act undermines the trust of voters in politicians.

Finally, in Finland, the Centre Party has decided to scrap plans to introduce more flexible arrangements for young parents to take parental leave. The basic idea was to allow the husband to take more time off to look after the kids, because mothers now bear the greatest burden, and that harms their job prospects. This sudden and unexpected decision has angered the Conservative Party who share power in government. The Centre Party want to hang on to their strong belief that a woman’s place is in the home That is such a male chauvinistic approach to politics. While these 2 parties are fighting it out, the deeply religious Foreign Minister, Mr. Soini, from the True Finns Mutineer Party the Future Blues, is visiting their MacTrump Fan Club in Washington where they can pray over breakfast that #metoo did not really include any of Trump’s female acquaintances. Get ready for a bumpy spring ride in Finnish politics.

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