Finland’s Chancellor of Justice censors government – Government cannot rush through 2 huge reforms

According to recent media reports, the Chancellor of Justice has made an interesting decision that the government must delay elections for the new Counties by at least 6 months after the new Healthcare Act is passed in Parliament.

At this very moment, the government has been rushing through these 2 huge national reforms (Healthcare and New Counties reforms) without proper planning and without listening to all the stakeholders.

They are proposing to have the new County elections in October, in just 4 months time, which leaves no time for smaller parties to to organise and raise sufficient funding for the elections – that is a travesty of democracy that appears to suit the big parties who remain silent about this matter.

The present government has made statements about cost savings some 2 years ago, but has then made radical changes to the 2 proposals without updating the costs and risks involved. Various experts have voiced opposing opinions about the costs and risks and there appears to be little consensus outside the 2 big parties in government who just want to press ahead come what may…

There has never been such a massive proposal brought to Parliament involving legislation that runs into thousands of pages. It is probable that few MP’s have read through this material and it is a daunting task, at the best of time, for experts. 

Let is be said that the costs and risks of both reforms are enormous. The reforms involve some 200 000 workers or 10% of our workforce.

The reforms include the creation of 19 new counties that are meant to take over full responsibility for all social and healthcare matters with a budget that is to be controlled by the Ministery of Finance. The Counties will also be responsible for business development, especially for the development and support of SME’s, and for employment. Their remit will be broad and heavy and should be fully operational from day 1 – and yet they do not even exist!

If you believe that officials can get organised in a month or two then your correspondent is prepared to eat his hat!

Finally, in closing, it is worth noting that the present Chancellor of Justice is the very person responsible as the first project manager for both reforms, before taking upon his present post. So now we have the poacher come gamekeeper…

Lets see if the present government is willing to do a Trumpian thing and ignore his Chancellor of Justice!

Photo:  Yle

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