Finland’s Healthcare and New Counties Proposals in ER

The Prime Minister has tried so many times to push through by force and by stealth a poorly prepared Healthcare Reform together with an equally poorly prepared proposal to create 18 new Counties. 

He has promised month after month for almost 2 years that the proposals are now ready to be passed by Parliament. 

He is now looking more like Trump with so many empty promises!

The fact is that the Constitutional Law Committee and the Social Affairs and Health Committee in the Finnish Parliament have actually gone through the 6000 pages of proposed legislation and sent them back to the ministries again and again because they are found to be unconstitutional and unclear many areas. 

It appears that both “reforms” are being put on ice until after the next elections in April 2019.

This whole process has been messed up by the Centre Party and the Conservative party having entered into secret agreements that benefit their own supporters and company backers to the detriment of the taxpayers. The government polls a low 35% in the latest Gallups so there can be little doubt about the results of the next elections that are only 8 months away. This is a lame duck government if ever there was one!

Finland has one of the best healthcare services in Europe in terms of cost and availability. Improvements can be made with destroying the present system. 

However, the present bunch of politicians in government are more concerned about staying in power and collecting cash for their parties and sponsors that running an honest government. 

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