Finland’s latest political poll – Social Democrats up!

SDP = Social Democrats, Kesk = Center Party, Kok = Conservatives, Vihr = Greens, Ps = True Finns, Vas = Left, Rkp = Swedish Folk, Kd = Christian Democrats, Future Blues = SIN, Muut = the rest

The latest gallup poll here in Finland shows that the Social Democrats is the major winner of the political confusion here in Finland at the moment.

The two major parties in our coalition government are fighting one another with slings and stones, while most of the members of the third party, has decided to seek other employment because not one of them have much of a chance to be re-elected in 6 months time.

The big parties are fighting over the Health Reform and the decision to establish the new Counties. At the moment it is pretty clear that some of their reform proposals are being voted down because they are being ruled as unconstitutional! So much for the PM’s promises of careful planning of new reforms. His (Center Party) idea of careful planning is similar to that of the Conservative Party boys. Make sure that you wring out the best deal for your party and friends, irrespective of what the voters really need and want to pay for.

There is also a stink in the air about labor reform. Here the government has recognised that SME’s have significant problems when they need to get rid of poorly performing employees. It is really hard to sack somebody without having to pay them 1 to 2 year’s salary to stop them taking you to the court. The Social Democrats and the unions have been enjoying their moment in the sun by taking industrial action like overtime bans and probably a few strikes in protest. This has given the party some extra points with voters, who have already realised that the present government is not exactly putting on a very good show.

So the 2 major parties in government are seeing their support from voters falling and the Social Democrats are seeing much better numbers. If they manage to avoid any nasty scandals in the next 6 months the Social Democrats will probably become the lead party in the new government. But do not hold your breath because anything is possible today especially when Gallups have been shown to be very unreliable, and our Russian friends are now hyperactive in meddling in others affairs…

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