Finnish Energy Minister wants to stop coal in local power plants, but coal is “great business” for their energy company in Germany

The Energy Minister in Helsinki has made the profound announcement – all Finnish energy companies should stop using coal by the year 2025 because it is dirty and pollutes the atmosphere.

He wants the coal to be replaced with natural gas and biogas whose polluting emissions are “only” 60% of that of coal. Since most of the coal-fired plants are owned by the biggest cities here, he has proposed that they should not demand any compensation from the government because they should accept the fact that they are doing residents a service by cleaning the air (just 40% compared to present filth)!

The same government ministers themselves are not willing to accept such a waiver to compensation for themselves. In the recently proposed TIPP free-trade agreement investors can demand compensation if a government changes a law that causes losses for investors.

Such compensation for losses is currently being sought by Vattenfall, Sweden’s government owned energy company that is seeking compensation from Germany’s government after Ms. Merkel ordered the closure of their nuclear power stations in Germany…

… and remaining in Germany; Fortum, the Finnish energy company, with 50.3% ownership by the Finnish government, is buying a huge amount of coal-fired power plants in Germany now that it has made a public offer for the Uniper Se, the German company that was spun off by Eon. The deal is fully supported by the present Finnish government.

It seems rather incongruous that the Finnish government is happy to acquire and operate coal-fired power stations in Germany, while ordering their closure in Finland!

… and do you think that Fortum will not demand compensation if any new German government declares that coal-fired plants should be closed down in Germany?

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