Finnish Foreign Minister is a Hapless Ghost

How is it possible that a country’s foreign minister becomes and invisible and completely hapless politician who says and does nothing to promote the country’s interests. The present Finnish Foreign Minister can only be remembered for three things during the last 4 years that he has held this important office:

  1. He has attended 2 of Trump’s religious breakfast meetings! The idea that a well-educated person, officially representing his own country, who professes to be an active catholic, can even be seen in the same room with a man who appears not to care much for basic social, human or religious values.
  2. He has attended anti-abortion protests in Canada and support anti-abortion laws in Ireland.
  3. His major contribution to the ongoing discussion in Finland about care of the elderly abuses is to employ more nurses from the Philippines…

His inaction and lack of activity has been exceptional and never seen before from any recent politician appointed to such a high level. It appears that the only reason for him holding such a position is the everlasting gratitude from the Center and Conservative Parties that manged to secure a tiny majority in Parliament from his small and almost non-existent Political party called the Blues.

The elections are coming April this year, so we can expect that this over-promoted political tortoise will be put in some garden plot to eat lettuce the rest of his life. He certainly has not earned the right to be given some nice easy job at the EBRD or some other. EU institution.

Photo: Commons Wikipedia


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