Finnish Foreign Ministry just tweets about Khashoggi

It is somehow horrible to read that the only comment from the Finnish government about the murder of Mr. Khashoggi is a short anonymous twitter tweet from the Foreign Ministry:

“Appalling news about Jamal #Khashoggi. Transparent investigation is needed and those responsible must be brought to justice. Defending  freedom of the press is a key priority for Finland.”

Compared to demands made publicly by the Foreign Ministers of the German, Danish, British and Dutch governments, Finland’s Foreign Minister’s silence is remarkable, especially when Mr. Soini  is otherwise eager to talk about banning abortions, and denying governments the right to take action to reduce harmful emissions.

Our senior political representatives have a duty to ensure that only reliable countries are eligible to buy weapons from Finnish companies. The attacks on ordinary folk in Yemen and the recent murder of a journalist by troops and security officials from Saudi Arabia are clear evidence that we must consider a change in policy.

Furthermore, it is also important to note that short Trump-like tweets from any minister or government official are not the right way to formulate or communicate government policy to voters on major topics of interest. Tweeting is an insult to voters’ intelligence and a dumbing down of the political system.

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