Finnish government steps on a mine 

A Letter from a Grandfather

With the experience of almost 80 years of age, I am wondering about today’s vote (21.9.2018) in the Finnish Parliament. 

The opposition placed a dangerous mine in full view on which the government stepped.

1. The Future Blue Party sitting in the government threatened the collapse of the government, unless Mr. Soini, one of their folk and the Foreign Minister, won the vote of confidence. Would it have mattered if next year’s spring elections should take place a few months earlier by giving MP’s their right to vote according to their conviction?

2. Now, many MP’s from the government’s side were forced to vote against their convictions and lose the support of their voters.

3. The result of the vote has confirmed that young people will no longer forget to vote, and everyone can guess who they vote for.

What was this vote of confidence really about? In this case, it should have been understood that the Foreign Minister, Mr. Soini, opposes a national law that permits abortion, subject to certain reasonable limitations. Mr. Soini supports the opponents of abortion and does not want this law to come into force in other countries. So why does he not openly demand the revocation of the law in Finland, which is basically the main question.

I believe every person has the right to decide what he or she is does to himself and takes responsibility for it. Women are treated differently from men in this respect. It is of nobody’s concern, if I decide to have a vasectomy to prevent the birth of a new life. But if a woman is raped or otherwise becomes pregnant against her will, the act of having an abortion is governed by law.

I remember the time when having an abortion was a crime in Finland, but nevertheless more were performed then than today. My aunt, the mother of two little babies, died in the 1920’s after an unsuccessful abortion. The cause of death was recorded as congenital inflammation of the abdominal cavity.

Even in the 1960’s, people wanted to know how and where to go for a safe abortion. There were tour operators who organized a few days in Poland, where women had an abortion without any follow-up. This was the case with my former wife’s sister’s who was raped after leaving a restaurant.

Today, the Finnish Parliament have voted on whether we want to revoke the current law or not. It appears that the government has blindly stepped on the mine by announcing its conviction that the law should be revoked by supporting Mr. Soini on this matter.

Regards, your friend, a Grandfather

The Grandfather, sent in this letter after FinnishNews published the story about Finland’s Foreign Minister’s trip to Canada at the taxpayer’s expense where he openly supported an anti-abortion rally. The writer’s name has been withheld for acceptable personal reasons.

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