Finnish Green Party have 2 strong leadership candidates

With the elections here in Finland just 6 months away it is important for the Green Party to get their house in order. Just last week their former leader decided to resign due to the deprerssion. This has opened up the field for the stronger candidates at a critical time for this party.

They are the only serious competitors to the three big incumbents whose credentials looked rather tarnished today. 

The Center Party has a weak leader who appears to be out of touch with ordinary folk, but enjoys pushing for maximum benefits for his party with the establishment of the controversial new Counties. 

The Conservative Party, along with the Centre Party, want to privatise public services because it funds their party coffers. 

The Social Democrats have seen their popularity shoot up in the same way every time they are in opposition. But they have not done much to achieve this position because the main parties in government know how to mess things up!

The Greens have seen their strong poll performance, that stood at 17% this spring, melt away this autumn. The relatively poor performance and the following sick leave of the former leader Mr. Aalto were the main reasons, but his admission to this reality by resigning gives the party a chance to recover.

Their position in the next election is crucial for climate change. The other main parties are not driving climate change as a key policy matter unlike the Greens. The three big parties appear to put the interests of their friendly forestry companies before Climate Change policy because they see that burning wood as a vehicle fuel is more important than using forests as a carbon sink. The Conservatives play up to car owners and do not really want to see reductions in car usage or higher costs for cargo vehicles.

The Social Democrats are more neutral on Climate Change so long as their members have enough jobs, which the new renewable technology sector appears to offer. 

Having a strong Green Party in the next government should ensure that future generations of our children and grandchildren will not be starving or dying because of excessive heat, storms or floods 

So far 2 strong and well-informed MP’s have announced a leadership bid – Mr. Pekka Haavisto, 60 Years old, and Ms. Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto, 52 years old.

Mr. Haavisto fought a good presidential election campaign against the current president Mr. Niinistö.

Mr. Ville Niinistö, a former leader of the Greens has decided to end his political career at the end of the Parliamentary period in April 2019. He was rumoured as a possible candidate with excellent credentials. 

The two present candidates are well placed to take the party forward in these next elections in April 2019.

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