Finnish Politics – Conservatives steal MP from Future Blues – a sign of desperation?

Almost everybody knows that the Future Blues have no future in Finnish politics. They are just a group of ex-True Finns who were bribed by the Conservative and Centre Parties to leave the True Finns. The latter were kicked out of the government because their new party leader was too radically xenophobic and anti-EU for the 2 big parties. The mutineers then set up their own party called the Future Blues and, one year later, it turns out that they have few supporters (around 1,6%) and that they will all be out of a job in 12 months time. 

The Future Blues had originally 19 members and, they together with the 2 big parties, gave the government a majority in Parliament.

The 2 big parties never admitted to persuading the Future Blues to set up this new party, but we all know that few politicians tell the true truth, preferring white lies and alternate truths because admiring to darker secrets would tarnish their whiter than white images.

Now the Conservative Party has managed to persuade a Future Blue MP called Kaj Turunen, photographed above, to join their ranks as a Conservative MP. Mr. Turunen is certainly not a high achiever by any measure, and muddled his way as a small entrepreneur before joining the True Finns. 

The big news is that the Conservative Party has decided to want and accept his membership. By doing so they have upset the Centre Party who are angry at not being forewarned and the Future Blues are furious. They have accused the Conservatives of being untrustworthy, since they too are partners in the same government.

The Conservatives are showing unprecedented desperation with this action – the next election is only 11 months away and Mr. Harkimo’s resignation (he is a real entrepreneur) has clearly shown that there is a major split within the Conservatives on the 2 big reforms Healthcare and the New Counties.

The Conservatives has shot themselves in the foot by this action and they will undoubtably be seeing falling support in the coming polls. 

Politics is dirty, we all know that, but actions that openly show raw foul play always get punished in the end, until the spin doctors manage to spin new fairy tales.

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