Finnish Politics – Getting Dirty, Getting Desperate!

SDP = Social Democrats, Kesk = Center Party, Kok = Conservatives, Vihr = Greens, Ps = True Finns, Vas = Left, Rkp = Swedish Folk, Kd = Christian Democrats, Future Blues = SIN, Muut = the rest…

The latest gallup continues to show what people think of this present government where the Future Blues have achieved the incredible result of halving their last result and now stand at 0,8% which really means that nobody will vote for them except themselves, if the party actually exists at the next election. Things are so bad that some of their MP’s have already announced that they will not stand for re-election in April. The most unpleasant shock is that their former leader, Mr. Soini, a practicing Christian and a Foreign Minister in a country that respects women’s rights more than most, has been boasting that he is a big anti-abortionist hero! The only reason he has for this type of Trump propaganda is that he has nothing else to do as a Foreign Minister because others in the government have stolen the work away from this buffoon.

The next really bad thing is that the Prime Minister is relying on the Future Blues to achieve a majority in Parliament – and as Trump would say “Juha is totally very criminal, very criminal!”. He did not even scorn the Foreign Minister on his abortion outbursts – that he left to our sensible President.  

Then the same Prime Minister is also totally supporting the chaotic Transport Minister who wants to sell off the best railway lines to her mates like Richard Branson and company. She thinks of herself as the reincarnation of Margaret Thatcher. Her taxi reform has now meant that we must check 5 taxi apps on our smart phones and wait between 5 and 40 minutes for one of the taxis to arrive. There has been a small reduction in the cost of a taxi to the airpot but only if you ask for it! The reform has just created much more work for customers and a perfect opportunity to rip off the unwary, just like Stockholm’s taxi system that allows outrageous prices to be charged. When its raining or snowing it will not hard to guess what will happen…

Then she continues to rant on about the need to find a long-term solution to keep the Finnish road and rail infrastructure in repair. She claims that we need to set up a fund to do this which could be funded by road tolls! Car owners are already paying annual car and fuel taxes and other fees that come to several times more what is needed to repair the roads and rails. Her government is just using road and rail money for Company Subsidies which are between €4 billion to €8 billion depending on how you want to calculate the sum. Plenty of that “innovation” money is going to forest and energy companies that are close to the Prime Minister’s party!

The next Finnish general election is in April 2019, is just months away. The Centre Party will be in opposition and the Conservatives will either have the PM slot or the Social Democrats will. That depends on which party wins the most seats. 

The Greens look much weaker this time round because they have been caught on camera having too much fun or protecting deportees in planes. The latter Green representative did not even know why the person was being deported but still protested and caused other passengers to waste an hour sitting in the plane. The Green leader’s behaviour, also caught on camera was fine but, unfortunately for him, most older-Protestant-minded folk here disapprove of, and especially the media which is controlled by older more sensible folk who prefer “sensible” politicians from the Conservative Party, the ones that pay every day for big adverts in their newspapers and other media channels.

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