Finnish President wants to have a referendum on Nato membership – that is a cowardly non-committal opinion!

The current president has made an interesting suggestion the other week by saying that the people should vote on whether Finland should join Nato or not.

In other words, he is proposing that the decision should be made, not by the government and Parliament, but by a direct vote of the people!

Past generations of Finns have been told by almost all of the political parties that Finland is an independent nation, that is not aligned to any external military force, meaning Nato.

We have been told, time and time again, that joining Nato would harm or damage our excellent relationship with our immediate neighbour, the Soviet Union then, and now Russia.

We have been told that Finland’s membership of Nato would put Nato directly on Russia’s border, something the Russians definitely would not like.

We have been told told that we should not spoil our excellent relationship with Russia based on mutual trust. This relationship can only be maintained so long as we remain non-aligned and independent from Nato.

Finally, by avoiding the question of joining or not joining Nato, means that we also avoiding any interference by Russia in our internal affairs!

Phew, says this correspondent, along with dozens of others – Russia already has plenty of Nato members on or near to its borders, and having Finland there would make very little difference to Russia because the Finns are not about to cross over and attack Moscow or St. Petersburg. Even dear old Hitler was not able to make much headway against the Russians 60 years ago…

The president’s idea of having a referendum is about as awful as any politician can get because there is no wisdom to be found in the people’s vote.

The very reason for having a political leaders and a Parliament is to delegate such big decisions to experts who have the time and resources to make properly considered decisions.

Asking ordinary folk, pensioners and over 18’s to advise the government is like asking a young child to take over the controls of a rocket going to Mars, something that even Elon Musk finds challenging.

You only have to look at the Brexit referendum to see the great damage created by weak politicians.

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