Fresh polls again – Can the Finnish government really continue to breathe?

SDP = Social Democrats, Kesk = Center Party, Kok = Conservatives, Vihr = Greens, Ps = True Finns, Vas = Left, Rkp = Swedish Folk, Kd = Christian Democrats, Future Blues = SIN, Muut = the rest

The latest opinion polls show evidence of a big breakdown in credibility for the Centre Party and whatever remains of the True Finns and the mutineers the Future Blues Group who are still trying to convince themselves that they are a legitimate political party.

The Centre Party is still battling hard to stay afloat in government with its political demands to create a third level of government with the new Counties (Maakunnat), of which there are far too many. Another problem with them is that they will have budgets and financing controlled by Central Government (Ministry of Finance) and they will not be allowed to borrow money. However, FinnishNews is hearing talk from Centre Party municipal sources saying that perhaps they will be allowed to borrow. The fact that this is being done behind closed doors is far from a democratic action.

A second matter is that they Centre Party has been forced to give ground on the extended privatisation of public healthcare and freedom of choice policies demanded by the Conservative Party. These are great for the private healthcare companies, their bosses and doctors who are now receiving salaries that can buy them nice houses and Teslas/Porches/Mercedes, but not for ordinary taxpayers, except the wealthier ones who can afford private healthcare…

This last comment explains somewhat why the Conservative Party has seen a small increase again in their ranking in the polls. Such an increase also weakens the Centre Party’s claim that being in government will always weaken a party’s popularity, especially when tough decisions are being made.

But you cannot actually call the 2 new reforms, healthcare and the new Counties, to be tough decisions. They are both self-serving money and political grabs for the parties’ politicians and their mates!

And finally, the True Finns and the Future Blues continue along the path of oblivion with fast falling ratings in the polls. Without the True Finns mutineers (Future Blues), the present government would be out of a job. What few people can understand is why we have to put up with this charade for another 18 months…

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