From Russia with Love – Ukraine Reconstruction Fund

Russia has spent more than 60 days dropping bombs, firing missiles, killing civilians, raping women and girls, and attacking Ukrainian soldiers who are trying to defend Ukraine, a country that never threatened Russia.

In February 2022, Putin promised that he had no intention of invading Ukraine, then later when he did invade Ukraine, he claimed to be trying to get rid of neo-Nazis while protecting Russian speakers there!

Well, we now know that this man lies, and lies, and lies.

The terrible destruction of many cities, towns, villages, apartment blocks, offices, manufacturing plants and basic infrastructure is so enormous that it will take many years to replace at a cost running to billions of Euros.

There is a simple solution – we the people must demand that all properties and assets outside Russia owned or controlled by Putin and his immediate family and comrades must be sold and the proceeds donated to The Ukraine Reconstruction Fund (URF) managed by the World Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Development Bank.

The URF could also be supplemented by a tax on all Russia fossil fuels.

Naturally, we the people would approve of special contributions from our respective governments through the United Nations.

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