Hiking in Dolomites inspires a truth list

This afternoon, while descending 800 meters on a 10 km path from the top of one of the mountains here in the Italian Dolomites, your correspondent was struck by an interesting set of parallels between 3 national leaders who have been, and will be, meeting with much fanfare because Mr. Trump has decided that these meetings will bring world peace, something which, up until now he appears to be busily undoing.

Just consider the similarities between Trump, Kim and Putin:

  1. They are all, in their own opinion, masterly leaders.
  2. They like big black cars with missile proof thick doors and windows.
  3. None of them care one hoot about climate change.
  4. None of them care much about global problems (mainly because they create quite a few of them themselves).
  5. Refugees are just the result of other’s inhumanity, and not theirs…
  6. They never meet ordinary people unless dozens of guns are ready to protect them.
  7. They all enjoy fantastic riches and are able to live in high luxury, while many of their voters or fellow countrymen live near or below the poverty line.
  8. They are supported by people who believe that their respective leader is above reproach, and appears to be, in their eyes to be the next best thing to a higher power.
  9. They all surround themselves with strong-looking and rather dumb-looking bodyguards with sunglasses.
  10. They also like to be surrounded by military generals who have lots of tin medals on the chests.
  11. They appear to have a fondness of “good-looking” younger wives and other women.
  12. They also seem to have a fondness for rockets and nuclear bombs.
  13. They all appear to say something, but really mean something else or the opposite.
  14. They also appear to think that lying is fine so long as it serves their purpose.
  15. Finally, they all like making promises before the TV cameras to one another but never keep them 5 minutes later.

And on July 16th, we will have a repeat performance of all of the above in Helsinki when Trump meets Putin…

Your correspondent could even write a few shared qualities more but it is time to rest some very tired feet.


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