Homo Deus author states that the EU lacks the necessary ingredients of true democracy

The column below on the lack of perceived democracy within the apparatus of the EU was written by your correspondent with careful thought and without reckless intention.

After the effort of writing, your correspondent continued his pleasant afternoon task of reading of Mr. Harari’s book “Homo Deus” and was immediately struck by the striking coincidence of the following 2 paragraphs from the middle of the book:

“People feel bound by democratic elections when they share a basic bond with most other voters. If the experience of other voters is alien to me, and of I believe that they don’t understand my feelings …and my vital interests, then… I have absolutely no reason to accept the verdict…”

He continues:

“… the official ideology of the European Union, whose 2004 constitution states that Europe is ‘united in diversity’ and that the different peoples of Europe remain ‘proud of their own national identities.’”

The book is an exciting and thoughtful collection of ideas about where we are and where we may be going not only in Europe context, but in the whole world.… but here his comments quoted above, only confirm your correspondent’s firm belief that democracy at the EU level is a fairy story that is being offered by older men and women who have a big vested interests in having rather comfortable jobs without being answerable to any one member country or voter.

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