Idlib – How many to be killed in Syria?

The leaders of Syria and the Russian government are expected to launch a deadly attack on 3 million people in the city of Idlib in northwest Syria. 

This is the last and completed isolated rebel-held region in Syria. Many thousands, if not millions, of people will be killed and injured by bombs and artillery. 

Idlib is the final city of refuge for large numbers of Syrians who were forced to leave towns and cities captured by Mr. Assad’s army. 

Mr. Assad and Mr. Putin appear to want to kill and injure as many people as possible with this imminent attack.

Syrian State TV has said that the solution for Idlib is like processing of garbage: “You collect trash, separate it, recycle what can be recycled and bury the rest in the ground.”

Do we really want to ignore what is being planned or do we want to tell Russia to stop these war crimes against men, women and children?

The situation is really difficult because there are so many different groups fighting – but already an estimated 400 000 people have been killed – do we care enough about another 1 000 000?

Should the EU and other democratic countries be demanding that these leaders be stopped or should we demand that they be brought to justice?

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