Is Merkel+Putin, better than EU-Trump?

When Mr. Putin dances with the Austrian Foreign Minister at her wedding last week and then goes to Germany to meet with Ms. Merkel, you just have to think about what is going on and what does all this mean for world peace?

There is no question that Trump is a threat to world peace just like Putin. The only difference is that Trump is a megalomaniac who sits on the world’s biggest pile of dangerous weapons together with 2 nasty warmongers like Mr. Bolton (US National Security Advisor) and Mr. Pompeo (Defence Secretary of State).

Putin on the other hand has less interest in starting any wars because his military budget is tiny compared to the rest of the world and because he prefers to live in luxury like Mr. Kim, and that means milking the country and its people.

The EU has been in flux ever since Trump took office. He rejects the EU, the UN, the WTO, and Nato as much as possible because they make him look small in his opinion. He wants to divide and rule to squeeze out Putin-like profits for himself and his very much richer mates. Now we know that Trump cannot be trusted there is no point in wasting time talking with him. The man is a fool and it is always better too apply the “30 Second Rule” when dealing with one of his foolish tweets or spoken comments.

But back to Putin… Merkel, Kurz and Niinistö are correct to engage him in talks and encourage him to be a better leader. He has ruled Russia for almost 20 years and during that time he has made sure that Russia is recognised as a “not too bad country” of 144 million people with an average GDP per head that is a quarter of most of Europe. Even though they have a big army and a lot of nasty habits like killing opposition members and journalists, supporting despots like Mr, Kim and Mr. Assad, etc, they still are economically dependent on Europe more than anywhere else. Even though Putin has no intention of changing any of these bad habits he is definitely a more important partner and neighbour for Europe.

So we then end up with the Merkel dilemma – should she put Trump or Putin at the head of the table?

Unlike Mr. Putin, Mr. Trump will not be around for the next 20 years! He will either die from a MacDonald induced heart attack or be pushed out by soya farmers and truck drivers, who are still too dumb to realise that he has used them to get where he is without any intention of helping them out. 

It will be a relief for the whole wide world when Trump is finally trumped. It actually does not matter if other national leaders stop being nice to him because he probably does not even realise that they think he is a fool, and the rest of the USA, except the for the 63 million who voted for him. It is estimated that there are 235 million voters in the US so we should not be too worried about what ordinary Americans think if we do not pay homage to the President today. If we are lucky we may get a really smart President like Mr or Ms ___________ (you can fill in the blank yourself). Getting a smarter president will not be difficult compared to the present one…

So, Merkel is making the smart choice of talking with Putin. He is smart enough not to destroy personal relationships with his trading partners and neighbors, and Merkel knows this too.

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